The Misfortunes of Science

Professor Garry Oxlong is a scientist who has built the TimeWatch Guardian. Read this Sc-Fi epic to find out the world it gets him into.


6. Part 6

Chapter 6


Axel eventually woke up, and it was just the same as the lab, trapped and contained in a small space, waiting to be released. A tall, slim man wearing a pinstripe suit (which resembled the Doppler Effect) and navy blue glasses returned, still not satisfied with the prizes he had collected.

“You’ve woken up, shame. Anyway, the boss wants to see you, and he’s pretty pissed off at your earlier ‘resistance to capture.’” He growled.

Garry noticed the small magnum revolver in his left jacket pocket, holstered, ready to be fired at a moments notice, better not piss him off either. They were hauled out of the cold, damp cell. Then dragged down a freezing corridor, whose lights flickered on their last wires. Finally, a red velvet padded door, with diamond doorknobs lingered in front.

“Press the buzzer, then wait for an answer. After, state your names. I’m leaving, this place has enough bad incidents without me.”

The man left, and Garry sheepishly pressed the small red buzzer on the side of the door frame.  The intercom burst into life and the two scientists heard a deep, gruff and quite frankly, frightening voice.  “What do you want?” It growled.

“Well... We... Er... was told to come here by of your guards.” Said Garry, almost whispering from the fright.

“Ah! The ridiculous professor and his pathetic little assistant, Axel, is it? he spat, “Well you’d better get in here immediately!”

They heard a quiet click and the door slowly creaked to a 45 degree angle to reveal a large, open plain room with a huge oak desk in the middle and an enormous mountain of a man sad behind it shuffling through some papers.  There was a small kitchen to the left with a servant making another cup of coffee for the Boss.  The Boss noticed them walk in and indicated an old wooden seat for the two of them.  He handed Garry a piece of paper, which on it was:





Device Fact-file:



TimeWatch Guardian


Time travel, wrist watch


5cm x 3cm x 5mm

Created by:

Professor Garry Oxlong


Note: We need this device to execute Operation Perfect Earth.


“If you don’t mind me asking... what exactly is Operation Perfect Earth?” Asked Garry.

“You don’t need to know that. You’ve caused me enough trouble already.” Replied the Boss, rather abruptly for something that didn’t matter to them.  Garry and Axel looked at each other with a sense of bemusement.  They needed to find out what Operation Perfect Earth was, and what the Boss planned to do with their beloved time device.

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