The Misfortunes of Science

Professor Garry Oxlong is a scientist who has built the TimeWatch Guardian. Read this Sc-Fi epic to find out the world it gets him into.


5. Part 5

Chapter 5


“So now we have an enemy!  Great job sir!” Yelled Axel as the two scientists ran through the crowds of the busy streets of New York.  The V.I.P.E.R Agent was rapidly catching them up, as the old age of Garry was getting to him - they were only moments away from being captured and taken hostage, only moments to live, only moments to enjoy life, only moments too...


Garry woke several hours later, and as his eyes adjusted to the dim, dreary light. He saw the cold metal walls of a holding cell and the thick steel bars of the door with the only lock on the outside, typical. There was no way they could possible escape from this mess.  Then he noticed the most terrifying, yet unsurprising thing of all - their beloved time machine was missing. It was disguised as a digital wrist watch, and it had be ripped off his arm, taking small amounts of skin with it.  Axel was still out, so Garry was all alone, no one to share his fear with, no one to comfort him with science equations and listen to his anecdotes of his younger life.  For the first time in over 20 years, Garry shed a tear of sadness and regret...

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