The Misfortunes of Science

Professor Garry Oxlong is a scientist who has built the TimeWatch Guardian. Read this Sc-Fi epic to find out the world it gets him into.


4. Part 4

Chapter 4


As they walked down the cold concrete stairs to the basement of the lab, they saw a shadow move in the corner.  It moved towards them, reaching out to them...

"What is that?" Asked Axel.

"What I am..." It replied sternly "Is a highly trained V.I.P.E.R agent, or the Villain Incorporation for the Protection of Evils Reign, and what I’m here for is the ‘project’ what you and your little assistant are working on, NOW GIVE ME THE MACHINE!!!"

He held up a gun without a second of hesitation.

"NEVER!" Replied Garry, who had found something heavy on his desk and had smashed it round his head knocking his shades and his consciousness.   He and Axel grabbed the machine, and ran for the stairs.

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