Always and Forever

Hi, this is my first movella. Hope you enjoy! This is the story of James and Lily. It starts with the mudblood incident.


13. The most wonderful time of the year...almost!

Lily Evans was pratically on cloud nine on boxing day. Usually she would be visiting her family for christmas, but since they were spending the holiday with Petunia's walrus of a boyfriend, Vernon Dursley. This made her very happy. a) she wouldn't have to see Dursley and Petunia, and b) she would be able to attend the remainder of the christmas celebrations with Melody and Remus. Still, even with this news, she wasn't quite on cloud number nine yet, more seven or eight if that makes sense to you. The really great news was that James Potter and Sirius Black would be absent. That meant no more getting asked out, no more pranks, (even though she rather enjoyed that last one,) no more quidditch obsessions and quite frankly, no more annoyingness. For once in her life she could sit back and relax with all of her friends. 


"WHAT? You have GOT to be KIDDING me!"

"Nope. J Potter is in the house!"

"Wait one second, Potter-"


"- why are you talking like a muggle DJ, James?" Lily said. 


'I can't believe what I'm about to do...' She thought. "Just come sit down, Pot- James, and I will explain."

-an hour later, when James has finally grasped what a 'deed-jay' is-

"Oh...I get it now...Thanks, Lily.

----Lily's POV 

Wow...that took a while. Really, I quite enjoyed it. Wait, did I really just write that? Scrap it. It was bearable. Just, anyway. I can't believe he doesn't know what a DJ is, though I guess he is a pureblood. I like the way he cocks his head sideways at me, to show he's listening and interested in what I have to say. It's almost like an animal...almost...sweet. Woah woah woah, what on earth am I saying. This is James. POTTER. I did not just imply Potter is sweet. I would never do that. I have simply had a hard day and need rest. That is all...yes. whatever.

---------Normal again :)

"Lily? "Lily? Are you alright?" Asked James.

"Uh...yeah. I'm fine, I guess. Why'd you ask?"

"No reason. You...looked to be in a bit of a daze, that's all. Nothing major..."

He said.

"Ugh..well, I'll be upstairs in the girls dorm. Bye, I guess we're friends now?" Lily said.

"Yeah, sure. Call me if you need me..." he said to her with a wink. 

Lily rolled her eyes. 

James smiled. Things were going rather well...



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