Always and Forever

Hi, this is my first movella. Hope you enjoy! This is the story of James and Lily. It starts with the mudblood incident.


16. The end of another school year

Lily's POV

I was stuffing all my stuff into my trunk, preparing for the journey on the Hogwarts Express. I couldn't believe it had been another whole year already! Some things have stayed the same yet so much has changed, some things I planned, like upping my grade in transfiguration, and some things were unexpected, like becoming close with James Potter. It certainly has been an interesting year...

"Lils...? James wants to see you downstairs..." Mel said, coming up behind me. "I think he has something to ask you..."

I rolled my eyes and swung one of my school shirts I was going to pack at her. She dodged and laughed at me."Okay okay! I was joking! Don't hurt me lils, I'm too young to die! I didn't mean it, I swear on my life!"

I rolled my eyes again and half walked, half ran to the door and down the stairs, trying not to show I was excited to see my friend. When I reached the bottom of the steps, James was waiting for me. 

"Hey Lils..." He said. Usually I would have told him not to call me Lils. But today,my reply was simple.

"Hi James."

"Usually I would have climbed up the stairs to come and get you, but I figured you'd prefer it if I got Mel to do it instead. No-one trusts the boys in the girls' dormitory," He replied.            I laughed at him. I really did appreciate that he got Mel to bring me down. Him going up to our dorm would be one incredibly awkward conversation.


"Can you believe it's been another whole year already? I mean, we'll be starting our seventh year in September!" He exclaimed, exaggerating with gestures in his arms to prove his point. I couldn't help it. I just had to start laughing.                                                              "Yeah. It's crazy..." I said in between giggles. He looked a little offended at first, until he saw I wasn't laughing at him, just the crazy gestures he had made. Then he began to laugh a little too. And more. And more, until he was laughing as much as I was.

After we had calmed down, which had taken about 2 minutes, James finally got to the point and asked me what he had come down to ask. "Lils, do you wanna maybe come into our compartment on the train? Remus will be there with Melanie, and Peter won't be there, I know you never really liked him."

To be honest, I was really shocked. I really had never liked Peter, he always gave me the creeps. But It was more the way that James had actually asked me to his compartment. All of the boys I'd met before had dragged me along to their chosen compartment on The Hogwarts Express and introduced me to their friends, most of whom I didn't like at all. "Sure, James.  I'd love to come to your compartment." I said, and I really meant it. And then he smiled. Not his signature grin that he used constantly when he was with the Marauders. It was a genuine smile. I felt a strange fluttering sensation in my stomach.  

"That's sorted then, I'm glad you agreed to come." He replied, still smiling that really nice smile.  Our hands brushed as we said goodbye and as they did I felt a jolt of electricity sent through me. After smiling at him once more, I went back to my dormitory to go and pack what was left of my possessions.



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