Always and Forever

Hi, this is my first movella. Hope you enjoy! This is the story of James and Lily. It starts with the mudblood incident.


17. On the train home


I was just about to go join James Potter and his friends in their compartment. No biggie. Especially not after I spent- six years, was it? Arguing with him. OH GOD.  I didn't honestly know why I was nervous. But I was.

Flip. He's walking over here right now. 

"Hey Lily," He said, flashing me another one of those wonderful smiles. I couldn't help it. I just had to smile back. 

"Hi James," I replied. 

"You ready to go?" He asked. I nodded. 

"Ready as I'll ever be..." I thought. 

We walked quickly past the other compartments on the train, until we found the correct one. He grabbed my hand and opened the doors to it. I was then enveloped in a hug by Mel. 

"What was that for?" I asked. 

"Well, let me think. Maybe because you finally became James' girlfriend?"

"I'm not," I answered.

"Yet," James added. I smacked him on the shoulder.

"Ow, Lils." He whined, while I just sat there laughing.

"You two make such a great couple," Mel squealed. 

Me and James stared awkwardly at her.

Her mouth formed an 'oops' shape. 


Apart from that, the journey was flawless. I learnt that James had a cellphone and we exchanged numbers. I almost might have had a slight very small invisible crush on him. He'd changed. I liked that. And now I wanted to be with him.

When we said goodbye I almost wanted to stay with him. But I knew better. He promised to call me. I hoped he'd keep is promise.

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