Always and Forever

Hi, this is my first movella. Hope you enjoy! This is the story of James and Lily. It starts with the mudblood incident.


12. I didn't know you were such a prankster

"Oi, Melody! Wake up, it's Christmas for Merlin's sake!" Lily Evans shouted, waking her friend. "Five more minutes."

Lily wasn't fooled. "I remember what happened last time, and as a consequence you are getting up RIGHT NOW!"


"Melody, wake up! It's christmas!" Lily said. "You don't want to miss the presents, do you?" At the mention of the word 'presents' Melody seemed to get a little excited, but just in case her friend was lying, she said something which caused a whole lot of havoc. "Five more minutes." As it was that wonderful time of the year, and she was in a generous mood, Lily granted Melody's wish and ran downstairs to wait for her. What she didn't realise was that even presents wouldn't make her leave the love of her life. After two hours, when Lily voiced these thoughts, Remus, the only marauder she was friends with, looked up confused but hopeful. She couldn't help adding on "Her bed." After all, who could?

End flashback. -

"Fine, fine. You got me. I'm getting up now. Just five more minu-" That was all that Melody Green could say as she was dragged down a load of steep steps and into the arms of Remus Lupin.  But something strange happened. Remus and Melody seemed to know something Lily didn't.  Or that's how it seemed considering the identical evil grins on their faces.

_--_-----_--_--_---at dinner

That night, at dinner Lily was still trying to figure out what The Marauders and Melody were up to. Just as she was about to give up, she found out. As soon as the Slytherins touched their cutlery, their spoons got stuck to their noses! The whole hall roared with laughter. Snape was the funniest though. Above his head a banner appeared. It said: 'I called Lily Evans a you-know-what. And so she is! But then again I'm snivellus and I'm a loser so my views are possibly different to yours.  I'm halfblood and so maybe I'm a mudblood too!


And to even her surprise, Lily smiled and clapped with the others. She felt at home again...

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