Always and Forever

Hi, this is my first movella. Hope you enjoy! This is the story of James and Lily. It starts with the mudblood incident.


8. Get outta my face!


   Potter- no, James he says- opened up the door our compartment while we were getting into our school robes. How annoying can he ACTUALLY get?  I mean, we've known eachother since first year, and even then I wondered if he'd broken a record or something. But here I stand corrected. As I kick his butt with as much gusto possible, leaving Melody to slap his face, I'm practically crying out loud. Why can he not just shut up and leave me alone? For good measure, Remus, being the nice guy he is, smiled at Melody and pulled James out of our space to give us some privacy. At least, that was his intention. Instead he ended up getting a death stare and pushed out of the compartment. That was when I got really annoyed! I wanted to tell James to- you know- off, but  stuck with "GET OUTTA MY FACE!" Wasn't too rude, was it?

--_-- --_----_---_--_--_--_--_--_--_At the feast.....--_--_--__--_-_--_-_--_-_--_--_--_--_--_

"I would just like to say a few words before you engulf the glorious vision before you," Dumbledore began. "It is the beginning of another spectacular year at Hogwarts, yet there is danger amongst the bubbles of happiness we are trapped in right this minute in time. I assure you, this is the evil villian,Lord Voldemort we are talking about. He will stop at nothing to tear apart families. Once again, I beg you all to stay united in the duration of these attacks. This is war." The poor first years looked rather frightened, especially the muggle borns, who were not used to hearing about super villians that wanted to take over the world...unless they read comic books as young kids. James and Sirius were in heaven just looking at thefest, while Lily looked thoughtful and whispered to Melody. "D'you think Dumbledore knows something?" Melody just shrugged at first, before giving her answer. "Maybe the sorting hat told him something about this war," she reasoned. They had just realised everyone had gone silent. Oops. "Care to share, Evans, and Green?" Sneered Proffessor Merrythatch. "Uh, nope," Melody said. Lily groaned. Melody had probably just earnt herself a one way ticket to detentionville. Dang! The sorting began without any further trouble. The sortiing hat sung it's new song:


Young first years come along,

Tis your turn to be sorted, 

To see in which house you belong: 

 When it comes to your house, do not be distorted,

A house is a home,

Let the ceremony commence!


Is Gryffindor the one for you?

There dwell the brave and good hearted: 

Are you a cunning Slytherin?

Ambitious and ever improving...?



You could be a Hufflepuff!

Kind and really caring?

Or how about a Ravenclaw?

Wit beyond measure:

man's greatest treasure!


So do not be put off, 

I am here to help!

The sorting hat is here:

Always really near!


A waterfall of laughter and a wave of clapping surrounded the pointed wizard's hat as it took a- well a sort of bow-.

A/N: Rose Malfoy Weasley is the new co-author! So as not to take credit for eachother's chapters,  I will put Lib at the bottom of mine Byee! :)


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