Always and Forever

Hi, this is my first movella. Hope you enjoy! This is the story of James and Lily. It starts with the mudblood incident.


2. Forgiving Him

Melody pushed me forwards. "Uh, James?" I said sheepishly. He looked up from his book to see who the sweet voice belonged to. When he saw the owner, he jumped. "What is it, Evans?"  Another 'encouraging' shove from my supposed best friend. "Umm.. well, what you did to Severus wasn't right, but I understand that you're both as bad as eachother. Don't take this as an opportunity to slip me...suggestive comments, but-but I'm willing to give you one more chance." I felt so much better!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


James sat on his bed, taking it all in. Great! Now he had a chance! But of course, he would have to stop Sirius from doing all the pranks. It wasn't James' fault obviously, but they would at least have to be postponed.  He could only hope Sirius hadn't set the stink bombs off...  or put the nifflers into McGonagall's office... Or...come to think of it....Played that dreaded prank on snivell-no, Snape.




Hey guys sorry for the short chapter I didn't have any time to make it longer. Drum roll please... the winners are...

1st place= Lucy Black

Second=Sara Stillwater 

3rd= Myra Ryan

4th= Emily Granger

5th=  Willow Teresa Ree

Well done you guys! You will appear at some point in the story! I'll try my best to uo

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