Always and Forever

Hi, this is my first movella. Hope you enjoy! This is the story of James and Lily. It starts with the mudblood incident.


10. Chapter ten

"Sirius, are you awake?" James asked/shouted at  his best friend. "C'mon, McGonagall says there was a mistake on your OWL grades, and failed everything." James smirked. Wait for it...wait...wai-

"HOW IN THE NAME OF MERLIN COULD I HAVE FAILED?!" Well, I guess Sirius is awake now...   When Sirius saw his best friend laughing, he seemed ready to explode. "OK. Here I come... 1 2 3 4... oh forget about stupid numbers. James, you have the honour of being Sirius Black's punchbag," He said. 


James and Sirius walked- or rather limped- into breakfast that morning. James sported a black eye and Sirius a cut lip. They sat down next to eachother quite half heartedly, as the only space was next to Lily (much to James' delight and Sirius' annoyance.) Unluckily, Lily wasn't showing any signs of sympathy towards the pair: infact, she looked very amused.     " I guess you two  didn't get enough sleep," she teased. "I think you're both a little cranky today." 

"YOU would be too if you were officially named someone's punchbag!" That was James' reply. Sirius just swore so loudly and so colourfully that the whole hall turned around just to admire his extensive use of vocabulary.Even Dumbledore looked impressed. He smiled proudly and took a bow, which made all of the  Gryffindors,Hufflepuffs, and of course the Ravenclaws laugh uncontrollably. After all of the excitement, the Slytherins seemed to remember who they had watched and turned around.

*------------------Before the Quidditch game---------------------in the Girl's dorm------*

Melody's POV

"Oh come on Melody, you'll be fine. Do you want me to say it again? FINE," Lily reassured me.

"I suppose you're right," I said. "Yes. Remus is coming to the game, which I really appreciate. James is captain, and after all, I was picked to be seeker." A/N: I don't know who is seeker so I made this up. 

"You're not going to mess this up, I promise." I'm glad Lily is my best friend. She always says the right things...

And as I walked down to the quidditch pitch with my nimbus 900, I felt a load better.


-----------------------AT THE GAME-----------------------------------------------------

"And there's another shot from Potter and - HE SCORES!" The commentater's voice rang out through the cheers from the Gryffindor end of the pitch. The score was now 90-50 to the Gryffindor.  "Malfoy has the quaffle- but he drops it! Caught by James Potter of Gryffindor, who passes to longbottom who passes to Hughes who passes to Potter who SCORES! That's 100-50 to Gryffindor!" Boos and jeers came from the Slytherin end of the stands, but they were not enough to make the cheering from the rival houses cease. McGonagall looked positively elated, a huge contrast from the anger and annoyance on Snape's face. "Malfoy has the Quaffle once again, he passes to Lestrange who passes to Malfoy again who shoots- and scores. I don't know about you lot but that looked like a lucky shot to me-" 


"Sorry Proffesor, ot won't happen again," said the commentater. "Anyway, the score is now 100-60 still to Gryffindor! But what's this? Has Green seen the snitch? She's into a dive... and pulls out at the last minute. A very nice Wronski Feint by Green there!"

Ten minutes later...

The commentater swore very loudly. "Looks like we have a draw. Come in Green, you can take the snitch. We'll win if you do! Go go Gryffindor! Yikes! She has it! Green has caught the snitch! Look at that, it was so quick... The Gryffindor team piles onto the pitch to congratulate her. Evans and Lupin are there already! What a win..." The rest of the words trailed into nothingness as deafening cheers drowned them...


A/N  In exchange for that long chapter, I need your opinion. Thinking of writing a merlin but still harry potter story. What do you think?






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