Always and Forever

Hi, this is my first movella. Hope you enjoy! This is the story of James and Lily. It starts with the mudblood incident.


4. Awkward

"Hey Lucy,"

"Hello Sirius," she sneered.

"Oooh, someone's found themselves a girlfriend! Took a while, Sirius." James snickered. Lucy Black. Sirius Black. Notice anything?  On top of that, Myra Ryan, Lucy's best friend, just happened to 'like Sirius'.

"Stop mocking me James!" Lucy yelled as she whipped out her wand.

"Lucy and I are family, she was burnt off the-" Sirius was cut off

"Famous family tree? Yeah, we know Sirius. Your mouth goes on. A lot." James teased. "Whatever,"  Sirius said as they started heading towards the common room.

"Levicorpious,"Lucy James whispered as Severus walked by. Snape quickly was hung by his leg.

"Oi! Snivellous!" Yelled Sirius as he sent a curse at Severus, who was already suspended in the air at this point.

"Can't you go a day with out cursing anyone, James?" Lily asked sarcastically  as she rolled her eyes and walked quickly away, not looking the upside-down boy directly in the eyes.




Sorry for short chapter guys, will try to update soon!  Maybe you can read my other fanfic?


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