Always and Forever

Hi, this is my first movella. Hope you enjoy! This is the story of James and Lily. It starts with the mudblood incident.


11. A christmas...catastrophe? (b4 xmas)

Lily's POV (23rd Dec)

I went to find Melody so she could give me advice on what to buy the other girls in our dorm, but I couldn't find her. 'I'll go check in the library,' I thought. But she wasn't there. After about another half an hour of trying to find her, I finally admitted defeat, and walked back to the comon room. There I found Melody and the MARAUDERS huddled around a piece of parchment, whispering rapidly about something! How could she? What a TRAITOR! I sneaked over to where they were working and was about to ask Mel if she had anything to say for herself when she just says- 

"Hey Lily. The marauders were just helping with my defence homework." She may be able to tell when I'M lying, but she is bad at it herself! "Gimme a break. You're the top of the class!" I said. 

"No she's not, Snivellus is!" Chorused around the room. 

"But why would you need THEM of all people to help you?" I questioned. This was getting very suspicious. "Uh-"

"You are a very bad liar, do you know that, Melody Green?" I said. And that was all I said before I stormed off.





Remus' POV


 I was spending time with Melody, when she comes out with: "Remus,  I need your help." I was very confused, so I said "I'll be glad to help you, what do you need?" She told me that she really hated the way that Snivellus treated Lily, and she wanted it to stop. She also said if she embarrassed him, told him to back off, maybe- just maybe- her wish would come true. "I'll help if you come to hogsmeade with me," I said.

"Sheesh, why do boyfriends have to be so demanding? DEAL."




The marauders and Melody began their prank. Melody was cornered by Lily. They made up. All in all, an eventful day...


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