1D Dolly Slave

Hi my name is Venus Angelic (a dolly make up youtuber) and I'm 16. I was kidnapped to a slave auction. Read to find out what one direction did to me!!!!!


2. the auction

Venus's P.O.V.

I was going for a walk in the dark, to clear my mind on a few things. I was listening to the A Team by Ed Sheeran, until a big black van came and was following me. I didn't noticed it till last minute! They tied me up and went to the back of the club. They dragged me and we were in a room. They went ahead and started bidding on me. But then 5 guys bided 500,000 euros on me. Durring the car ride they looked at me with a devilish smirk. It gave me the shivers!


Sorry it was short. I wrote a LOT but all of the sudden it disappears. I will probably make a remake of this in the next chapter, comment if you want me too!


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