1D Dolly Slave

Hi my name is Venus Angelic (a dolly make up youtuber) and I'm 16. I was kidnapped to a slave auction. Read to find out what one direction did to me!!!!!


3. Remake: the auction

I decided to make a remake since 'anything you want' wanted me to. Anyways, here it is! ( it's very long!)


Venus's P.O.V.

I was going for a walk to clear my mind on a few things. I was listening to The A Team by Ed Sheeran. I saw a black van was coming towards me. I did not notice the van till last minute. It was very awkward because when I walk slow, the van drive slow. I started running to the closest police station, but I was too slow. Man! I wish I was in track than I would have been fast!

Three guys came out of the van and ran right strait to me. Two of the guys jump and tackled me to the ground HARD!

They had gotten a blue rope and tided my feet and hands together. The three guys tossed me into the back of the trunk.


We arrived to a back of a club in the private section. I closed my eyes shut to make it look like I'm sleeping. But that was a bad idea, except letting me sleep, they pull out a whip! I quickly open my eyes so I wont feel the pain of the whip. They grabbed me and dragged me in a room with nine guys. I felt a bit sick because I do not know what they want.....until the guy announced it.

"Welcome to the auction! We have a very nice and good virgin here." He said smiling devilishly at me. I gave him a mean glare. He was still smiling, I just wanted to slap him. "Feisty huh are we?" He said kissing my neck. I tried pulling away but I was trapped in his strong arms.

"Let's start the bid!" He cheered. When he said that, five sexy boys came in. I had to they were sexy cause they were!!!! The bid started at 20,000 euros. They said things that were small amounts of euros. They were even planning on what to do to me!

They five young boys made a shocking amount! 5,000,000 euros! My mouth almost drop to the ground, literally! They untied me and I started rubbing my wrist since there were marks from the rope. "Come love", said the blond Irish kid.

****car ride****

"Thank you for bidding on me", I said shyly. "No problem! What's you name?",said the stripe shirt. "My name is Venus, Venus Angelic". "Like the planet?", "yes" I said proudly. "When we arrive, there some rules, and you are sleeping with me tonight, okay?"."okay, but what do you mean by sleeping?" I said confused. "I have to have sex with you and make you be my girlfriend." He said happy. "I'm alright with the girlfriend thing not the sex" I said a bit upset. "I'm sorry love, but that's how to show that I love. Its gonna be alright" he said reassuring me. "Okay", I said quietly.


Hope you enjoy the story, it was very long! 1Dforever😘

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