1D Dolly Slave

Hi my name is Venus Angelic (a dolly make up youtuber) and I'm 16. I was kidnapped to a slave auction. Read to find out what one direction did to me!!!!!


5. making love in the morning

Venus's P.O.V.

I woke with a man next to me. He had his arms wrapped around me. I looked up to see me in Louis's arms. I smiled at what we did last night. I made trails of kisses from his abs to his lips making him moan. "Wake up Louis." I said in a soft singing voice. "Good morning beautiful" he said kissing me at the top of my forehead.

All of the sudden, two guys barged in our room making us jump. I quickly cover myself with the covers so they won't see my body. " hey there cutie" the curly one said. The blonde hit him up on the side of his head. "Sorry about that Venus, we brought breakfast to you guys". He pulled a tray of two plates for Louis and I. " thanks Niall" Louis said.

"Did you two had fun last night" said the curly hair boy. "Harry!!!" He yelled while blushing. I was laughing at the curly hair named Harry. They all looked at me strangely. "I was just laughing at Harry's name." I dialing down my laughter. They chuckled realizing a few seconds knowing what I was talking about. Niall set down the food on our laps.

"Thank you Niall, you have been a big help"Louis praised him. Niall just gave him a smile, but winked at me without them seeing. Once they left Louis started to rub my thigh up and down. I shivered from his warm touch. He smirked and whispered"Wanna do it again". I nodded my head yes because I had to do everything they said.

He set the tray on the night stand and we both started getting undressed. He sucked on my nipples and went down slowly looking up at me. I smiled at him knowing it was okay to do it. Instead of licking me he slammed into me making me scream.

He quickly covered my mouth. "I didn't know you were that loud" he said smirking at me. I felt the heat rise up to my cheeks making me blush. Once again he slammed into me making me screaming out his name. "Now that's what I like. Scream my name" he commanded darkly.

He would thrust into me making me scream his name or telling him to stop. When I say to stop he would slap me. He cummed into me about 5 times. He finally finished me and it's 12:45. He went into the restroom while leaving me lifeless on the bed. Next time, I'm gonna say no.


Need ideas! Thank you for reading!


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