1D Dolly Slave

Hi my name is Venus Angelic (a dolly make up youtuber) and I'm 16. I was kidnapped to a slave auction. Read to find out what one direction did to me!!!!!


4. a wonderful night

WARNING: a lot of detail and dirty chapter.

Venus's P.O.V.

We arrived to a big mansion that has wires around like a jail. "Welcome to your new home, love." Says the curly one smirking at me. Now I hate him. Louis brought me up to my room. "Wow..." I said speechless. He knocked me out of my thoughts when he putted a lock chain on my knee.

"There now you won't run away" he said smiling. I made a frown on my face because this is like treating me like a pet, instead of loving someone. "What's wrong?" He said worrying about me. "I thought you loved me","I do I just don't want you to run away. I will get this off of you when you behave, okay?" He said. "Okay" I replied softly.

He started to kiss my lips. His lips were soft and warm. It made butterfly's in my stomach. His hands went down to my bum and he squeezed it softly. It made me giggled a little bit which made him chuckled.

Our lips were still connected. He started to take off my shirt slowly and then my sweats. He moved down to my neck making love bites. He unbuckled my laced bra, and started massaging my boobs. He started to make kisses down to my laced thong. He had gotten his teeth on my thong and started tugging at it making a tease. I whimpered at him wanting him. He pulled down my thong and started to lick my clit making me moan a bit. He went further down to my pussy licking where the hole is making me jump.

He quickly pulled down his pants. I saw he wanted me to since there was a buldge on his dick. I quickly put his cock in my mouth and putted it down my throat making him moan.

He thrusted into me making me cry since I'm a virgin. He saw my tears, he wiped it away with his thumb and went slowly. I moaned meaning for him to go faster and he did. We cummed together and went into a deep sleep.💘


Thanks for reading my story! Hope you enjoyed!!!!


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