The Empire of Neopolis is divided into four different kingdoms: Terrarean (land), Aquarean (water), Empyrean (air), and Ignirean (fire). Princess Geneva comes from a purely Aquarean line of royal ancestry. But the coronation ceremony of the Empyrean prince Troy sets off a dangerous turn of events, placing Geneva in the middle of it all.


2. The Dream

Chapter 2 - The Dream

That night, I changed into my nightdress and climbed into bed. Amelia sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled the covers over me.

"Don't worry, Miss. Your father knows what is best. He'll make the right decision." she said, stroking my hair.

"But Amelia, all I want is a chance to get out of Aquarean. Just one chance. Is that too much to ask? I'm sick of all the water and rain. I want to lay in the warm sunshine on an open meadow of beautiful daisies as a gentle wind blows through my hair and sends chills down my back. Not the bad kind of chills. The kind that you get when you're happy and makes you feel fresh and peaceful." I closed my eyes, picturing the scene.

"Yes, but that is not a possibility now, is it? The warmth and shine of the sun is controlled by Ignerean. The beautiful daisies are grown in the Terrarean meadows. The gentle winds are sent by Empyrean. Each is enjoyed in a completely different kingdom, isn't it, Miss?" Amelia pointed out.

I sighed. It was no use explaining. We'd never experience a world of mixed powers. That only belonged to the fantasies of fairytales and novels. I wasn't even supposed to know of a world in which all that existed. Those books were all forbidden in our empire. I was only able to get my hands on them after years and years of wandering in the dungeons of our castle. I'd searched every nook and corner of the dungeon until I'd finally come across a large door with a strange sign reading 'LIBRARY'. It was a room filled with tall, intimidating shelves of books on every topic you'd ever come across in your life, and topics you'd never even dream of coming across in your life. Books with the most general topics pulled into pages and pages of imagination and creativity of fantasy worlds and adventures. But the real world would always revolve around the separation of our four kingdoms, no matter how much I wished it would change.

"You're right. That's impossible." I muttered, snuggling up in my comforter.

"Ok, Princess. Go to sleep. I'll see you in the morning, all right?" Amelia switched off the lamp on the nightstand.

"Good night, Amelia," I whispered.

"Good night, Miss. Dream well," she called as she exited my room.


I stood under the stout willow tree in the dim glow of the midnight's moon. The leaves swayed, whispering replies to the comments of the whistling wind. The dry soil under my bare feet grumbled in protest to my presence on foreign ground. The tree shook ferociously in a desperate effort to frighten me away. As much as I wanted to flee, I didn't move a muscle. I had to stay. I didn't know why, but I knew that leaving wasn't an option.

The tall, intimidating gate before me creaked in the silence of the night, unnerving every last bit of courage in me. My mind screamed at me in frantic attempts to lure me away, but I stayed put with my feet clawed into the black dirt, determined to stay.

Suddenly, the lights from the Terrarean Castle on the other side of the gate flickered as though someone were playing with the electricity. The ground began to shake, slightly first, but getting rougher and rougher with every thrust. The soil on the ground swirled around me, spreading a thick scent of fresh Earth. Was it time?



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