Poetry Completion

A poetry completion of emotions and how at times I don't know how to take on the world. If themes like suicide and cutting trigger you please don't read. I am not posting these for pity, I am posting these simply because I have had these and I really like the ones posted. And i would like to post some for writing competitions and publishing. Because all of them hold a piece of me and how I feel when I am alone.


7. Words Spoken of Future

Let us sit and watch the rain

From under the eaves of the back porch

Cigarettes lit, breathing in the fumes that will kill us


The droplets fall in a mashed up time

No particular rhythm or sound

Yet we know it is rain


Coffee made and set in mugs steam floating up

Intertwining with the smoke then hitting the eaves then dispersing above us

No words exchanged simply the rain cutting our words


Let the rain speak words unsaid

The rain knows all the pain and all words that must be

But aren’t spoken


Let us sit in pleasured silence

Our teens slipped away

Our twenties falling like burnt matches onto the earth


Nothing is left but college, workforce, retirement, then death

They say it’s the future

But everyone lives it, how can it be ours and only ours if lived by others


So lets just let that lay behind us

As the clouds turn like tendrils in the windy and rainy weather

The rain hitting and bruising, fallen and falling leaves


You want to be a singer

Me a doctor

Will it be true? In this moment who's to say


The future is a dark place

Though the past is darker

Both figurative ideas, both were once or will be the present


So let this present envelop us

And protect us from what has and what will come

Maybe then we can survive the oncoming storm


Let us smoke till our lungs die

Let us sit until we mold into the earth

Speak until our tongues whither away


Then I can know that the moment when we die

Cannot come

The moment when we live, will not end


I wish nothing more than this

So please rain

Do not stop


Cigarettes don’t stop burning

Leaves don’t fall

Clouds stop spinning


Now this moment is immortalized in my skull

Memorized in my soul

And counted in my years

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