Poetry Completion

A poetry completion of emotions and how at times I don't know how to take on the world. If themes like suicide and cutting trigger you please don't read. I am not posting these for pity, I am posting these simply because I have had these and I really like the ones posted. And i would like to post some for writing competitions and publishing. Because all of them hold a piece of me and how I feel when I am alone.


3. Tea, Music, and Cigarettes

Dull Saturday nights leading to repeating songs

Lyrics engraved in my brain

Lighter in my palm while flicking the stricker

A white and orange smoke held, right pointer and middle


A flame envelops the end

A grey wafty amount of smoke fills the air

One, two, three

Breathe in, then out, in, and out


In each in, it feels like my lungs are filled with a light fire

Warming my core with its grey life

Tilting my head back releasing the plooms

Like a dragon blowing out the buildup of steam


Letting my head fall back my eyes shut

Nothing could go wrong

Not the tobacco filling my soul

Nor the clouds in the dark blue sky


Thoughts flooding through the gates of my head

Brink of sanity and insanity

A small scent of cheap green tea

Guitar solos with ballad lyrics


Thoughts of the insanity of the world and people

Climbing of a mountain trail that goes no where

Maybe it will lead to the smoke

Smoke that covers the darkness of life


Covering the cruelty of people

The demeaning words they say

Cigarettes, Tea, and Music

Somehow make my Saturday nights complete


Without them I would be insane

Insane with the world I see

The world I breathe

This world I touch

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