Poetry Completion

A poetry completion of emotions and how at times I don't know how to take on the world. If themes like suicide and cutting trigger you please don't read. I am not posting these for pity, I am posting these simply because I have had these and I really like the ones posted. And i would like to post some for writing competitions and publishing. Because all of them hold a piece of me and how I feel when I am alone.


6. Light to the Night

Let the lantern fly up

Lighting a little 3 by 3 foot area in the sky

As twilight falls it makes the day turn to an end


The moon and stars rise like marionettes ready to dance

But the puppeteer is somewhere we do not know

Though the puppet show doesn’t matter


Up here were the world can’t touch us, the world can’t hurt us

I divulge my secrets to you

Smoke filling our lungs, whiskey burning our tongues


On this parking garage roof, center downtown just east of the north side

Then you whisper nothing is perfect and I believe it

But somehow this life in this moment just seems to perfect


The music filling our lost drunk souls

The smoke suffocating our evil thoughts

Maybe we could pause time


Pause it and never return to it

And let the smoke and whiskey kill us

Tonight it will be just us


Sitting above the pain of the world

Laying on the blankets of tobacco

Music blasting, drowning out the world


Letting words wander

Problems disappear

No one will tell us that we don’t know the difference


Difference between present and future

Tell us that we haven’t lived

So lets light the lanterns and let them fly


Lighting the night

The smoke flying in tendrils above our heads

That will evaporate when the lanterns light up the night

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