Poetry Completion

A poetry completion of emotions and how at times I don't know how to take on the world. If themes like suicide and cutting trigger you please don't read. I am not posting these for pity, I am posting these simply because I have had these and I really like the ones posted. And i would like to post some for writing competitions and publishing. Because all of them hold a piece of me and how I feel when I am alone.


4. Giving up is Me

Don’t give up that word is forbidden

From your vocabulary

Never give up


There will always be hope for you

Always a little glimmer of light

At the end of a long tunnel


But I don’t see a light for me

I took a wrong turn when I gave up

My vision became blocked


I don’t want to see that happen to you

You can get better

Put yourself before my well being


You are going to have to

I love you and if you get closer you will whither away

You will disappear


Disappear from my life completely

I am clinging to a thread with your name on it

That’s all that is holding up this ragged throne


I am dead mentally I killed myself a long time ago

Yet you breathed life into this shell

And I thank you but I don’t think we will work out


I will give up on this

You will be hurt

But in the end we will both be ‘Okay’


Because everything I touch

I smash into eight thousand little pieces

Or it smashes me into ten thousand

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