Poetry Completion

A poetry completion of emotions and how at times I don't know how to take on the world. If themes like suicide and cutting trigger you please don't read. I am not posting these for pity, I am posting these simply because I have had these and I really like the ones posted. And i would like to post some for writing competitions and publishing. Because all of them hold a piece of me and how I feel when I am alone.


5. Fumes of Saturday

Not enough in a pack to describe how I feel

An empty feeling yet so completely toxic

Not enough pack for the night


Sitting on the hill the clock strikes 12

The sun still high in the sky

But it’s not a sun it’s the moon


Funny not enough pack to describe everything

20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15…

Five down and now the clock hits 1 am


Still only two emotions are solved

A rubiks cube is less complicated to solve

Some shots of rum could help my life sick soul



Five shots now I am just tipsy

The fumes are getting to my head, the alcohol lingers in my breath


No emotions were solved during that

A few more cigarettes from my pack?

To fix my breaking soul


14, 13, 12, 11, 10…

Still here they lay the thoughts of death and pain

Why do I even try, I lay on my back the fumes floating into the air


I don’t care who will see this drunk, high soul

The stares will only matter when I sober



My head is fuzzy my vision cloudy

How can this be healthy

But now I solved them the rubiks cube like feelings


I am dead and broken inside

You are trying to fix me

And I am dragging you down

10 smokes and 10 shots and I just now justify it.

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