Give Me Love

Charlie had a great life ( or so everyone thought) lots of friends, a huge house, loving family and her boyfriend was the captain of the football team. They had no idea what she was feeling inside because she was too afraid to show her true feelings. Her life changes drastically when she meets "him", her idol.......


1. Intro :)


They all live in Chino Hills, California. And they all attend Chino Hill High School.


Charlotte(Charlie) Brooks: is an 18 year old girl who is very sweet and loves helping others. She gets good grades, has a lot of friends, and has a loving family. She is a little shy and insecure but is stunning. Charlie doesn't like to show that she is weak so she has a lot of walls up. She is 5'6, has long light brown hair, ocean blue eyes, and is an amazing dancer. She also is the captain of the soccer team and dance team at school.

Ava Scott: Is Charlie's best friend, they've been besties since they were 2. They are practically sisters. Ava is very opinionated and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She is assistant captain of the soccer team and captain of the volleyball team. Ava is 5'7, has blonde hair, hazel eyes, and loves fashion.

Cameron Dallas: He is a youtuber and viner. Cameron is very well known and very popular with the ladies. He has been best friends with Ava and Charlie since they were 5. They are very close. Most of you know what Cam looks like but if you don't (brown hair, brown eyes,5'9, gorgeous smile) I know Cameron is actually not 18 but he is in this story.

Jacob(Jake) Palmer: Charlie's boyfriend and is captain of the football team. He is a bit of a jerk and he is self centred. Jake is 6 feet tall, has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is very muscular.

Amber and Tessa: barbies of their high school. They are mean, and only care about themselves. Tessa has a huge crush on Cameron, but she is trying not to make it obvious.

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