Give Me Love

Charlie had a great life ( or so everyone thought) lots of friends, a huge house, loving family and her boyfriend was the captain of the football team. They had no idea what she was feeling inside because she was too afraid to show her true feelings. Her life changes drastically when she meets "him", her idol.......


2. Chapter 1: School

Charlie's POV:

"Charlotte, how many times do I have to come in here and tell you to get up!?" my mother said. Uggh I've been dreading this day. First day of senior year. In ninth grade I used to hope for this year but now it's just another year to get through and then I'm out of this hell hole for good.

*RING* my phone goes off

Text Message-Ava: Char, be ready in an hour, I'll drive today! Xoxo

Ugh now my time is shortened and I really have to get ready. I hate school with a passion. All people care about are themselves and I don't need another year of being tortured by Amber and Tessa. I get to see Cam and Ava though. I pretty much see those two goofs everyday, we are inseparable. I love them so much, they are like family.

"Charlie! Mom wants you down for breakfast now!" My little sister Tiffany says. I have 4 siblings that drive me crazy: Logan: 20 , Payton: 15, Shawn: 12, and Tiffany: 8. I'm really close with Logan, I can trust him with anything. Payton and I have our moments, she thinks she's the shit but she's not. She's really annoying. Shawn is the sweetheart of the family. He gets along with anyone. He's an angel but can be annoying. Tiffany being the youngest gets all the special treatment and nobody can touch her. She is an angel in mom and dad's eyes but she is such a little devil. I love them all to death but at the same time they drive me insane.


"Payton, are you nervous?" I ask. "What the hell do you think, of course I am!!!" Jeez, she has so much sass that it's not even funny. I grab my breakfast and go get ready for school. I wear my glamorous uniform and straighten my long brown hair. I put on eyeliner, mascara, under-eye concealer, and a bit of foundation. I try to make my makeup look pretty natural. I hear a knock on my bedroom door and see Cam and Ava with Starbucks. I can't help but smile and give them a hug. We get into Ava's car and drive to school. As we walk through the doors Cam yells "Welcome to hell!" A lot of people laugh and I look across the hall and shocked at the sight of........


Hey guys,

Thank you so much for reading this! I appreciate it. I'm looking for some characters to put in this story, so if you're interested comment your name, age, hair colour, eye colour, and favourite thing to do!

Also, give me feedback on the story!!

Thanks lovies! <3

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