New York Days

Many things happen to many different people in New York everyday. A simple fly observes other people and how their life goes. Read on to really understand what I'm talking about..


3. Chapter 2

I fly out the window of the office and wander around New York City. I pass by tall buildings, short buildings, houses, neighborhoods, and many cars on the streets. I stop in front of an old school. It has white walls that have been recently repainted - badly - and windows had cracks on them. The bell rings loudly as students pile into their classes. I fly over to a girl's backpack, and watch. 

She enters a classroom and sits at the back. She then takes out her books and pencil and starts drawing. All around her, people are talking, laughing, waiting for the second bell to ring. When class starts, an overweight woman goes to the front of the room. She had brown hair pulled back in a tight bun, and wore reading glasses. She was wearing a red skirt and a white blouse. Her facial expression was angry and stern. 

"Take out your books and start writing what's on the board." Her voice is stern and strict, and a bit scary. 
The girl in the back starts taking notes. A few students were staring at her, and whispered. Then they would snicker. The girl didn't pay any attention to them, and focused on the notes she was taking. After class ended, she walked out of the door, and went to her locker. When she got there, three girls came up to her. One girl had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a green shirt and skinny jeans, and flip flops. The two other girls were wearing the same thing. 
"Do you need some help with these books, nerd?" The blonde girl says, as she knocks down the books from the girl's hand. The girl picked up her books and ignored the other girls completely. 

An hour or so later, it was break time for the students. More people approached the girl and teased her and bullied her. Everywhere she went, people pointed at her and laughed.

"Oh look who's here. It's the one and only, Emma. Why are you still here, Emma? Just kill yourself already nobody likes you." A bunch of girls snicker. 
"Hey look, it's that blogger girl." One girl says to the other. "Someone found her blog and all the embarrassing things she wrote on there. I heard she has AIDS!"
"Really? What I heard is that she got STD."

"I heard that she's a prostitute."
Emma ignores everyone and rushes to the bathroom, tears rushing down her face. She goes into one of the stalls, and cries loudly. She takes out a razor from her backpack, and starts to cut her wrists. Tears stream down her face. 
Two girls walk into the bathroom. 
"What is up with that Emma girl. She's such a freak.  I can't believe she does all these terrible things!" one of the girls says. 

"Nah I always knew she would end up like that. She's always been a weirdo."
The two girls laugh and walk out of the bathroom. Emma dries her eyes and goes to the gym. There are only about 5 minutes before the warning bell rings, ending break. She goes to the storage area and takes out a rope. She writes on the wall with a red marker, 'I didn't do anything wrong. It's all rumors. Why won't you leave me alone?'

She then ties the rope to a bar hanging from the ceiling. makes a loop out of the other end of the rope, and stands on a chair. She puts the loop around her head. She takes a deep breath, looks around one last time.

She then kicks the chair from underneath her feet. 

And then the second bell rings.

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