New York Days

Many things happen to many different people in New York everyday. A simple fly observes other people and how their life goes. Read on to really understand what I'm talking about..


2. Chapter 1

It's early in the morning on the busy streets of New York. The city is buzzing with activity, and people are all heading to work. I fly to a cafe and land on a strange man's shoulder. He's wearing a long black coat, a black hat, and sunglasses. His hair moves in the light breeze. 

He tries to swat me away from his ear, but I dodge his hand. He glances at the waiter approaching him, and smiles. 

"Sir, you've been sitting here for over an hour. Have you decided what you want to order yet?" the waiter says. 

"Sure, I'll have a coffee please. No sugar." His voice is deep but he couldn't be over 25 years old. 
The waitress smiles and leaves to get his order. The smile quickly vanishes from his face and he glances to the left. He keeps staring at another man who is ordering coffee to go. The other man seems to be in a hurry, probably because he was running late for something. He's wearing a suit, and holding a briefcase. 

As he takes his coffee from the worker, he quickly leaves the cafe. The shady man puts his newspaper down, gets up, and slowly leaves the cafe. He keeps staring at the man in the suit, and follows him quietly from a distance. The man in a suit goes down to a subway station, and the shady man follows him. They get on the same subway. 

The subway station is old. The walls are dirty and the paint is peeling. In the corners, homeless people wearing dirty rags beg for food and money. The air smells like old cheese and coffee. As people scurry onto the subway, the shady man keeps his eyes locked on the man in the suit. 

They go on the same subway train. When the doors close, the train jolts forward and the floor shakes. Many people in suits and formal clothes drink their coffees and sit quietly in their seats. 

When the train stops, the man in the suit hurries off the train, throws away his unfinished coffee, and enters a really tall building. The shady man follows him, but stops at the entrance. He walks around the building to the back, and climbs on the fire stairs. He hurries up as fast as he can. He stops at the seventh floor, and takes out a weirdly shaped tool. He places the tool in the fire exit lock, and moves it around. A soft *click* is heard, and he swings the door open. 

When he opens the door, he looks around. The hallway is empty. The floor is covered with a grey carpet, and the walls are a beige color. Both sides of the hallway are covered in doors. each door has a plaque on it with the name and work of a person. There's a water cooler filled with water near the first door. A little table has plastic cups on it, and a tiny trash bin filled with plastic cups. A door with a picture of a man is next to the water cooler. on the opposite side of the hallway is a door with the picture of a woman. 
The sound of footsteps comes from the other side of the hallway. The shady man quickly ducks behind the door with a man on it. He waits for a few seconds until he hears a door open then close again. He steps out of the room, and back into the empty hallway. He slowly walks and reads every plaque on each door. He stops when he reads one that says: Jeffry Brown. Manager. 
The shady man slowly turns the knob and quietly enters the room. A large desks sits in the center, with many papers piled on top of each other. The walls are covered with framed certificates and pictures of the man in the suit and his family. Behind the desk, the man in the suit is on the phone, and is staring directly at the shady man. 
"Listen Greg I'm going to have to call you back." He puts down the phone slowly, and says to the shady man, "May I help you?"

The shady man chuckles and closes the door. He takes out his strange tool, and locks the door. Jeffry gets up and says, "Who are you and what do you want?"
The shady man walks slowly to one of the chairs in front of the desk. He takes off his sunglasses and hat, and says, "Remember me, Jeff?"

"No, I have no idea who you are. Please get out of my office." Jeffry slowly opens one of the drawers, and takes out a gun. He hides the gun in his jacket.

The shady man says, "Put the gun back in the drawer, Jeff."
Jeffry does as he's told. 
"Good. Now look at me carefully. Do you remember me?"

"No I don't. If you don't leave right now I will call the police."

The shady man chuckles quietly. He pulls up his sleeve. On his wrist, there is a tattoo of a Snake coiled up, with red eyes. Jeffry's face turns from stern to utter horror. He leans back, his face pale, and whispers, "Snake..."

Snake says, "Ahh you finally remember." His face turns serious. 

"What do you want from me? I'll give you anything. You want money? I'll give you money. Please don't hurt me..." Jeffry says, still terrified. 

"We need you back, Jeffry. Since the last time we saw you, 15 years ago, our gang has been going downhill. People kept leaving, but you know that you never really leave us. You will always be a member. We need you back, Spider."

Jeffry glances at his wrist. A tattoo of a spider with red eyes stares back at him. 
"Leave me alone! I'm never coming back. Please just leave."
"Spider. You need to listen to me. We have a big shipment coming from overseas, and this one is an important delivery. It's mostly weed, but there are also some artifacts that we need to sell. You were the best at this, Spider. You need to come back."
"I finally left this life behind, I'm not doing this again. If you don't leave right now, I'm calling the cops."

Snake pulls out a silver gun from his coat. He starts polishing it with his sleeve. Spider watches nervously, and reaches for the phone. 
"Put the phone down, Spider."
Spider dials 9-
"Put it down." Snake loads the gun.
Snake raises the gun and points it at Spider's head. Spider stares at the gun uncertainly. He glances around his office, and looks at the picture of his wife and two children. He slowly reaches down and grabs his gun. 

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