That Was Good.



2. teasee

Harry is playing with himself in the most turning on way ever, you bite your lip and rip if your work clothes. He does that cute giggle and you jump onto the bed.

You grab his balls, not to tight though and you put the tip of your tounge and you rub it around harry's bellend. He laughs "it tickles, it tickles!" In his cheekiest voice.

You put his dick into your mouth and you begin to suck and suck, he groans screaming your name. "Yesss, you know how to do it baby!" He moans. Suddenly, he bursts out cum all in your mouth, you cant swallow it all so you let some drip down your face. You stopped sucking to lick the come dripping of your bottom lip, "Keep going!" He screams out of breath. So you do as your told and you suck and suck, his eyes rolled back and his mouth slightly open, it turned you on even more.

You stop, catching your breaths and smerking at eachother. He grabs your pulls your legs apart and agressively rips off your pants he straight away begins to lick your cliturus, up and down, left to right. You moan and moan, "are you gonna cum baby?" He whispers.

He slips 2 fingers in and your finding it inpossible not to cum, he slips in a third finger and starts to wiggle my clit with his other hand. "Ohhhhh baby" i groand.

He poured lube all around my pussy and thats when it began

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