Forever ?


2. Chapter 1


^ Kara Pov ^


       BEEP *

       BEEP *

       BEEP *

     " Bryan trun that thing off " I said covering my ear with the covers I have.

  " No you I did it yesterday " He groaned, lets just say where're not morning people.

  " Pleszzze " I tried to do the baby sound 

  " Fine " I heard him shut it off then he tugged my covers

  " What do you want now " I snapped as a joke, he laughed his morning laugh and I think I just melted.

  " Come on we have school you only have a hour to get ready " He said deeply.

  " You had a chance " He laughed then left to go to the bath room, I peeked out of my covers and saw that he was gone, then I put my cover's back on.

  " You can get ready now or else " He said in a evil tone, well tried to say

  " Or else what " I said though I know what 

  " Or this " He poured water all over me and my new covers, I was PISSED, I throwed my covers in the corner and started to chase Bryan.

  " YOU IDIOT YOU OWE MY NEW COVERS " I yelled and probley woke up everyone like always 

  " NOPE IT WAS YOUR FAULT " I chased him out of the doors and started in the hallways what seemed like hours we started running then we saw people getting out of they're dorms,then the bell rang and we froze we looked at each other and started running while laughing, even though this is the first time we got late in three years and it was the first day we didn't care, we got in our dorm laughing.

  " That was your fault bryan " I said trying to catch my breath

  " Only this time " He said trying to catch his breath. I waled in  my closet and grasped a normal blue shirt to match my eyes and jeans. I ran in my bathroom on my side and just put my clothes on and then just put some mascara on and lip-gloss and just walked out to see bryan ready, I smiled and we walked out and I checked what time it was.

" Bryan we're 20 minutes late " I said with worry in my voice 

" The teachers love me don't worry and besides I am with you in mostly ever class and they love me too " He said as he was day-dreaming about some thing. As we walked in together ever-one even the teachers smiled, I noticed a few new celebrities, but still


This is going to be another long year 

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