The rift


1. Prologue

Like a wave, the darkness swallowed him whole. His empty body fell into the deepest pit of darkness. Memories from his past emptied just like the last reserve of air left his lungs. Soon after the smallest bits of light coming from the moon vanished, and the pressure began to crush his body. Soon there would be nothing left, no evidence of his existence. Right then, as the soul was about to leave his body, a bright light sent from the stars embraced him. He slowly opened his eyes, and gasped for air, but to no success. In the light a Goddess appeared. It was the most beautiful creature the soul had ever seen. She smiled and kissed him, breathing life into his lungs. It started as a small flame in the center of his body, but life slowly spread throughout his dead body. The goddess embraced him and whispered in his ear.
” I shall help you this once because I love you, Remember only you can make a sunrise in this world of rain!”
Just like that the goddess vanished, and the young man lost consciousness.

A pain suddenly emitted from his right cheek!
"Please do not die on me! Wake up!"
Then his left cheek erupted in pain, and he opened his eyes. It was night, around 3 am judging from the location of the moon. The lukewarm temperature suggested it was somewhere in May. A young girl with flaming red hair was sitting on him.
”Oh thank god, you are awake” She said.
The young man had an enormous headache! It felt as though his head had been used as the ball for a tennis match. More importantly, he couldn’t recall anything.
“Forgive that I woke you up milord, and forgive my lacking manners, im not sure with my formals with your kind. We don't have much time so I’m gonna go straight to the point! How much do you remember?”

The woman in front of him was in her twenties, her red hair that was set up in a ponytail. Her serious expression, circulars’ face and her small forehead made her look younger that she probably was. She seemed a bit scared, of him.
"I don't remember anything? Where am I, who am i?” He said
 She raised her eyebrow, and then her attitude changed. She smiled
"Nastail said this would happen. Okay I am not to tell you anything, and we don't have the time for that anyways. ehm all you need to know is, people are looking for you, so when you get to your destination it’s very important for you to lay low. Very few people know your face though, so that shouldn’t be a problem."
She paused a few seconds to breathe, and then tried to continue, but the man stopped her.
“Why are you telling me this? Just tell is where my home is, and I will be on my way. You are clearly mistaking me for someone else”
She looked at him resignedly
" No mistake and you don’t have a home” she said
No home, no name, no memories who doesn’t have that?
“You are going to the neutral state Sirmium; I have found a host family which lost their son in a cargo raid a few months back. Their memories have been altered so they think you are their son mysteriously surviving or whatever. Also their actual son never lived in Sirmium, so no one in the city remembers him. Perfect if I do say so myself! After all I am the best of the best."
She almost proudly gave herself a flap on the shoulder.
He looked into her deep blue eyes , they sparkled in the moonlight
"Come again?" He asked baffled
"y-yes, sorry!” She said with a shaky voice. She stood up, and then gave her hand to the man helping him up.
“ I don’t know your true name, but the name your new host family know you by is Levi Flavius Gallios. You are 20 years old. By the looks of you, it matches pretty well with your original age. I have prepared a backpack with your clothes and new identification paper. Also my contact gave me this letter for you, though she said you shouldn’t open it until you had settled with your new family."

Levi, as he was called, was still completely lost.
“So I am to fake being their son? Why?”
“I can’t tell you sorry”
"What, who a.."
A sudden change in the atmosphere stopped him. It felt as though the air pressure thickened and his body got heavier. He could hear voices and footsteps in the Westside of the forest, rapidly approaching them.
"Oh dammit! We are out of time quick!"
She handed him the backpack and the letter. Then she gripped his hand and led him deeper in to the forest.
"Nastail prepared a teleport rune for you to take you to the capital, but we can’t do it here. There is a mountain cave up ahead where we will do it.” She said while leading him
The first thing Levi thought was “Teleport Rune?” but then he remembered, it was a rune that could transport a person instantly from one place to another, one of the wonders of the rift. But why would I know that if I lost my memories? He thought. It had snapped his brain many times that this mysterious “Savior” was his enemy. Levi stopped
“Why are you stopping? We have to hurry!” She said
“I’m not going anywhere before you tell me what’s going on?” Said Levi
The woman bit her lip, and her eyebrow gathered as if she was thinking very hard.
“ You are a prince!!! Your kingdom was destroyed and you are now the only survivor of that bloodline!!”  She said with a smile, running her hand continuously through her hair.
That’s not even convincing Levi thought resignedly
“Why don’t you tell me what’s really going on please?”
“I CAN’T!”
“At least give me something?”
“I can’t!!! Look if you want I can just leave you here, but you will be hunted down within hours. You have to follow me if you want to live!”
She started walking
Damn I have no choice Levi thought, and followed

After a few minutes the forest cleared and revealed a path leading up to a mountain. As they started to climb he noticed the people from before had taken another direction, and now moved in the opposite direction from where they were.
"Ah, it seems I might have been overreacting, seems they weren’t chasing us… you never know when you are dealing with your kind!" She laughed silently - "The tunnel is over there!"
She pointed to a small tunnel that led into the mountain-side about a hundred meters away. They made their way to the tunnel. The suspicion in Levi had kept growing, but it had sky jumped when their assumed pursuers had left the area.
"You said my kind, what do you mean by that, and why am I wanted?"
She looked back at him from her shoulders, with a sad look.
"I’m not the person to tell you that, I’m just a mercenary hired by your ally, and before you ask, I can’t even tell you who that is…"
She clearly know what is going on, so why won't she tell me he?
-Why would I trust you? Said Levi
"Funny you should ask, I asked your client the exact same thing… if you don’t trust me that’s fine, but if you really didn’t trust me; I doubt you would have followed me thus far.”
He hated to admit it, but she was right, and though she was an awful liar, she didn't strike Levi as a deceiver. He sighed, and followed her silently. The tunnel was lid by torch stands with meters between each other. The cave was quite narrow in height. He had to crouch to fit. He noticed cave paintings on the walls. They told stories of humanoids catching mermen and mermaids. Lost paintings from a lost age he thought to himself. He thought. Levi had almost walked straight into the woman that had stopped.
"This is the place, here take this crystal."
She handed him a white crystal with gray markings on it, as he took it the markings started to glow.

She placed her hands on his shoulders and guided him around her. He hadn’t even noticed it, but the tunnel had ended, and now he was standing on and stone with the shape of a pentagon
"Okay all you need to do is crush the crystal. The teleport is not instant so you will be flying through space for some time, but it’s definitely the fastest way to travel. When you’re ready crush it!"
“I know what It does, but what I am supposed to do when I get there”
“The letter will explain, now crush the crystal, I will follow right after” she said looking back
With some hesitation still in his heart, Levy crushed the crystal which was surprisingly easy to break. A purple aura enclosed his body getting brighter and brighter.
Suddenly a yellow beam pierced through the woman’s chest. She looked down, shocked. Another two beams pierced her black torso.. She looked at Levi with a frightened look. With the blood sprouting out of her mouth she gasped:
"hhh Fuck"
As she fell Levi tried to move his arms to catch her but his body was paralyzed. He tried to yell out for help, but he couldn’t get any words out. Then another 3 arrows came shooting through the corridor towards him, but when they hit, they were absorbed by the Purple aura.
"Dammit! His gonna get away, get him!" The voices sounded as they were coming from about ten meters away, but Levi couldn’t see anyone there. Now another set of light arrows were fired through the tunnel. But before they hit, the aura encircling him sparkled.

Everything before his eyes vanished. It felt like a vacuum, everything in sight was spinning around. He was falling, and fast, he had to close his eyes so they didn’t become all dehydrated. He fell for a couple of minutes, until he started slowing down. Another 30 seconds went by, and then he felt the earth beneath his feet. He opened his eyes and had to shut his eyes immediately due to the bright daylight.


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