New love

Have you ever seen a guy and immediately thought… he's the one? Well, in this story, a girl by the name of Paige is the new girl at Woodland Middle/High School. Paige's brother Tyler plays football and Paige has to go to his practices. One day of practice, Paige was walking and saw a guy in his football pads and had that immediate feeling of, "He's the one."
On the first day of school, she found out that his name was Justin and he had a girlfriend named Brianna. Paige's heart sank until an opportunity of her dreams approaches, but doesn't last long...


3. There He Is

"Hurry up!" I scream from outside. My brother rushes out the door, forgetting to close it which makes him have to turn around to shut it. "Why weren't you ready ahead of time?" 

"I was." He says, almost yelling. I roll my eyes and begin to walk along the sidewalk towards the bus pick-up. It only takes about 3-5 minutes to walk 2 blocks to be picked up. 

Tyler runs to catch up to me already past the Diggs house, to the right of us. I pull out my phone as it buzzes. Heidi's name popping up.

Heidi: Mornin' Girl! I want you to have a great day at school, and hopefully you get a chance to sketch out some boys;)

Me: Morning! Thanks, I'm not so nervous anymore. and fr -_- lol. jk. Love ya, on my way to the bus stop now. I'll ttyl. 

I slip the phone back into my pocket and continue walking until we come up to a cross road. Only 1 more block to go to the bus stop. We wait and let a car drive on, then we safely make our way to the bus stop.

We come up to the bus stop, and I pull out my phone. I didn't hear it vibrate, but I'm just checking. Nothing.

Once again, I put it back into my pocket and sit on the bench. I wait and wait until it finally shows up. I stretch as I get up before walking onto a bus that smells of B.O and puke. 

I find a seat next to a girl wearing a pink rose dress. The roses are lace, covering a plain white skirt. She's wearing low top white air walks, so it must be an original look. Her hair is placed in the most perfect curls. She has faded pink eye shadow on, no eyeliner, and her lips are slathered evenly with glittery lip gloss. The perfect combo. 

I sit back and place my bag in my lap. The bus is quiet, so when people start talking, I look around to see whats going on. Fingers are pointed out the window at something. I twist my head to look out the window and I'm stunned.

Is it him? I mean... really him? He lives by me? What? 

Questions are jumping around, eager to be said.

The bus driver slams on his brakes, waiting for... Justin. Or maybe it's someone who looks exactly like him ?? I'm not sure.

He catches up and hops onto the bus. 

Oh My God...

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Haii! Hope you like the chapter c: Sorry it took so long, I just got internet back.. from school:p So, yeah. I'm an internet stealer ^.^ lol

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