Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare - Harry decided that the boys would spend the summer together. They would get together and get to know each other outside the job. It would be a wonderful summer and all looked forward to being with each other. Everyone had thoughts about each other and they all looked at each other in different ways. It was a summer that they would forgot late.


14. Ziall

Niall undressed himself completely naked and then went down into the water. It was a wonderful day and the lake lay quite still in front of him. He swam out a bit and thought about everything that had happened. He was surprised when he suddenly saw Zayn on the beach. 
"Why don't you jump in the water?" Niall got out. Zayn hesitated and Niall knew why. He couldn't swim. Yet he seemed to want to be in the water. He started to undress and Niall saw his naked body. Zayn was the one in the band that was so exotic and he actually looked more manly than what Niall remembered.


Zayn went out until the water reached his waist. He saw Niall came swimming towards him and immediately he got boner. It was as if the Irishman got him to let out all the stops. Niall came up to him and smiled big. 
"Isn't it nice?" 
Zayn couldn't help himself. He threw himself over Niall and pressed his body against his own. Without a word, he began to kiss the Irish. Niall seemed surprised, but he responded to the kiss and took his arms around Zayns neck. It was as if nothing could stop them. 
"Damn, I want you," Zayn muttered hoarsely and he felt Niall also got boner. "You make me get excited all the time." 
Niall giggled lightly. 
Zayn lifted Niall up in his arms and held him tightly under his buttocks. Niall took his legs around his waist and groaned. Zayn gulped and looked down over Nialls naked breasts. He lifted him up and made ​​sure he penetrated. Niall whimpered and pressed his own body against him. Zayn groaned loudly and he got Niall to start moving up and down over his cock. It was as if they didn't needed neither foreplay or lube. They just wanted to do it! Zayn closed his eyes and he forced Niall to accelerating. The water splashed around them, but he couldn't care. He felt rather how his whole body was affected and he was so excited as he could be. Niall groaned against his cheek and seemed to love to feel Zayns cock. They increased the pace even more and Zayn moaned straight out. 

"Damn Niall." 
Niall smiled and swallowed. He closed his eyes and he chose to just follow along. Zayn was moving so fast that Niall bounced against him. He felt his own cock stood straight out between them. He took his hand and began to jerk off. Zayn saw it and smiled big. 
"Next time you'll take me." 
Niall whimpered. 
"It doesn't matter." he groaned out. "I love sex!"


Finally took Zayn Niall to the beach and he sat down in the sand. He forced Niall to sit over him and lower his body so that Zayns cock once again penetrated. Niall whimpered and began to ride him fast. Zayn leaned back and put his back to the ground. He closed his eyes and let the Irishman determine the speed. Niall took his hand down again and started pulling it over his own member. They ended up in the mist country and both of them were completely in the movements. Zayn took his hands around Nialls waist and felt how he perfectly rode him.


Zayn came! He was shaking all over and forced Niall to sit still over him. He groaned and put his dick hard in the hole a few times. He filled Niall with sperm and he felt that he let out all the drops that existed. As soon as he had settled down, he removed Nialls hand and let his own move quickly over Nialls boner. Niall groaned and closed his eyes. Zayn smiled and looked up at him. Niall shook and he showed with the whole body that he was near the end. Eventually he exploded and screamed. Zayn felt how he got wet over the hand and how Niall emptied it all over Zayns stomach.


Niall was breathing quickly, looking down at Zayn. They both smiled and they both were totally exhausted. 
"Was it good?" asked Niall, although he saw that Zayn had loved every second. 
"It was perfect!" Zayn giggled and looked down over Nialls body. "You're so sexy and I'm glad we did it." 
Niall smiled and bent down over him. Their lips met and they kissed.

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