Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare - Harry decided that the boys would spend the summer together. They would get together and get to know each other outside the job. It would be a wonderful summer and all looked forward to being with each other. Everyone had thoughts about each other and they all looked at each other in different ways. It was a summer that they would forgot late.


5. True or dare....

Liam saw that Louis didn't like that he sat with Niall all the time. Direct Liam realized that there really was tension in the group. It amused him. He therefore chose to look at Louis and he discovered that the older guy blushed. 
"So what should we do tonight?" 
Louis swallowed. 
"We can play games?" 
Harry was quick. 
"Truth or dare?" 
Liam lit up and nodded. 
"Yes, why not?"


Okay! Harry already had a picture in his head about what would happen. He picked up a bottle and sat down on the floor. The only one who didn't seem to understand what happened was Niall, but everyone else was on the game. Harry sat between Louis and Niall. Liam sat in front of him and he was almost like a little boy. He smiled with his whole face and liked the idea. 
"Rules?" murmured Louis and immediately nodded Liam. 
"Truth must mean truth. I don't think we should lie and everything that is said stays in the room." 
Harry agreed. 
"And dare? Shall we say what we want?" 
Liam looked at Harry. He nodded immediately and smiled big. 
"And you can get to do anything?" 
Liam understood what Harry was looking for. It would be an exciting evening and how it would end, no one knew.


Harry spun the bottle around on the floor and it landed on Liam. He almost took a deep breath and looked straight into Harry's eyes. 
Harry grinned and leaned against him. 
"So who in this room would you like to seduce?" 
It was quiet for a few seconds before Liam replied. 
Direct reacted Irishman and it was as if he understood what the game was all about. 
"But what?" 
Liam smiled at him and swallowed. 
"Yes, I would like to seduce you. I like your body and you are just too wonderful." 
Niall blushed and he just stared at Liam, then he looked straight at Harry. 
Harry smiled and leaned slightly toward him. 
"What we say this evening stays in the room."


Louis got the bottle to point at him and he looked at Liam. 
Liam smiled. 
"Then I want to know who you want to seduce in here?" 
Loius blushed and he realized that he had to be honest. Still, it felt so different and odd. 
Liam was happy and giggling lightly. 
"I expected it, but I dared not to guess." 
The bottle spun around again and ended up at Harry. 
"Now we are taking about daring." he said instantly. "Dare!" 
Louis laughed and clapped his hands. 
"Okay, Harry, you're going to kiss one of us, with your tongue."
Harry was sure about who. He sat directly in front of the red Irishman who constantly was blushing. He took Nialls face between his hands and gave him no chance to say no. Their lips met, and Harry felt his way. Niall answered actually the kiss and when Harry let his tongue slip into, Niall followed him al the way. In the end they really sat down and made ​​out. It tingled all over Harry's stomach and he couldn't stop. He landed on top of Niall on the floor and he felt Niall made ​​him want it all. Liam and Louis cleared their throat lightly, but Harry didn't want to stop yet. He got boner and he felt how Niall gave up. He really kissed Harry and his arms slid around the younger's neck. 
"Come on!" murmured Louis. "You can't do that all night." 
Harry ended the kiss and immediately he saw Nialls surprised face. Harry smiled reassuring to him. 
"It was a wonderful kiss?" 
Niall just nodded and swallowed. Harry giggled and it was so wonderful to lie on top Nialls body. It felt as if he got home, but still it was forbidden.


The bottle pointed on Liam. Harry smiled at him. 
"So what will you choose?" 
Liam took courage. 
Harry knew what he wanted to see. He knew what he would say. 
"Show your dick!" 
Liam blushed instantly. 
Louis smiled and agreed with Harry. A good idea! 
"We want to see how it really looks like."
Liam stood up. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. Everyone just stared at his large member. Niall even blushed. Harry gulped and he couldn't help but he wanted to touch it. He stood up and walked over to Liam. Without a word he let his palm to touch it. Although Liam wasn't horny Harry got it to respond and shake. Liam groaned. 
"I'd just show it to you?" 
Harry smiled and nodded. 
"And I just wanted to know whether it was real."


The bottle pointed to the end to Niall. She swallowed and had no idea what he would say. It felt as if he'd chicken out, but he tried not to show how cowardly he was. 
Liam smiled right away and seemed to think about what he would chose. Eventually he moved over to Niall and smiled big. 
"Kiss me, it looked lovely when you did it with Harry." 
Niall was about to lose his breath, but Liam was sure he would get the kiss. Their lips met, and without a word, laid down Liam on top Irishman. He was faster compared to what Harry had been, and he let his tongue fast sliding into between Nialls lips. Liam knew immediately that the Irishman could really kiss. It was as if he wasn't aware of how good he was and Liam began immediately wonder how Niall was in bed. Perhaps he was shy for sex too, but when he dared could all happen?


As soon as Liam was sitting on his seat, looked Louis at him and tried to look calm. 
"Can't I also get to kiss you?" 
Liam laughed and realized that he was popular among the others. 
"Yeah, but then you need to have the bottle pointing at you." 
Louis grunted. 
"But it wont ..." 
Harry grinned. 
"Kiss him. It doesn't matter." 
Liam laughed and watched as Louis quickly came towards him. They kissed each other and Louis was almost intense. He didn't seem to get enough of Liam and held his face between his hands, so he couldn't back down. Liam moaned and he lay down on his back. Louis was quickly on top of him and their bodies were pressed against each other. They were both excited and Louis was prepared to go all the way. 
"But we go too far?" Niall mumbled uncertainly and avoided looking at them. Harry smiled and took his hand. He pulled Niall against himself and took his arms around him. 
"No, we are testing only!" 
Niall gulped and tried to get away. Harry got him in the end to sit between Harry's legs, with his back to him. He took his arms around Nialls body and held him. 
"It's wonderful to feel the butterflies in the stomach!" he whispered in Nialls ear. "I promise to you that I can do more for you than for anyone else." 
Niall blushed. 
"What do you mean?" 
Harry kissed him lightly on the neck and giggled. 
"Niall, I can make you scream with horniness and I can get you to experience it all."
Niall wanted to scream yes, but he was such a coward. He felt Harry stroked his hands over Nialls belly and he saw how Louis nearly ate up Liam. What was happening?


"We must go up to the bedroom?" Liam mumbled right as it was. Louis groaned and shook his head. 
"Why not here?" 
"The others?" 
Harry giggled and stood up. He took Nialls hand and pulled him towards the stairs. 
"You may proceed., We still have other things to do." 
Louis moaned pleased and smiled at Liam. 
"Shall we?" 
Liam nodded and looked directly down at Louis naked breasts. 
"Yes. We do it all. Damn, I'm horny for you."

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