Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare - Harry decided that the boys would spend the summer together. They would get together and get to know each other outside the job. It would be a wonderful summer and all looked forward to being with each other. Everyone had thoughts about each other and they all looked at each other in different ways. It was a summer that they would forgot late.


17. To convince

In the evening moved Louis and Harry over Perrie to the sofa. She had to sit there with handcuffs around your wrist and she was just stuck on the couch. She was in angry mood all the time, but no one dried to care about her. 
"We can't keep her in the house." Zayn said and was worried about the fact that she was in the house. "No one will still believe in her." 
Louis didn't agree. 
"You shouldn't be so wimpy." 
Zayn sighed. 
"But it's Perrie we're talking about."
Louis sighed lightly. 
"Maybe I or someone other can seduce her? Then she can't tell the world what's going on in the house?" 
Zayn didn't like the idea. 
"She's my girlfriend?" 
Louis looked at him again and raised his eyebrows. 
"She told me that you had broken up? She's not yours anymore?"


Louis and Harry went to Perrie. She sat still on the couch and showed no sign of caring. Harry smiled and stood before her. He looked down at her body and thought about how it would be to touch her. Louis laughed a little bit and did the same. They thought for a bit before Perrie finally looked up at them. 
"I will contact all the newspapers that are available." 
Louis snorted. He let his hand landing behind Harry's back and then he shook his head. 
"You wont be able to that. We will ensure that you become silent forever!" 
She laughed cold. 
"So what should you do? Kill me?"
Harry shook his head. 
"No, but we might let you join in our games?" 
She was completely speechless. 
"I don't want to have sex with gay men, and certainly not with you!" 
Harry didn't care about her opinion. 
"You don't know what you're missing." 
She snorted. 
"Well, I know exactly what I wont miss."


Harry had an idea. Instead of caring about her, he began to kiss Louis on his lips and he made sure that they took their arms around each other. 
"Your not normal." Perrie whispered. Louis didn't care about her and Harry just wanted to test her limits. He pulled off his shirt and then took of Louis too. 
"I'm not going to watch." continued Perrie, but she lied. She couldn't help but look at them. Harry groaned slightly and began to unbutton Louis pants. He pulled them down and felt how Louis boner stood straight out. Louis smiled and pulled down Harry's pants. Their bodies were prefect against each other and they were really excited. Perrie just staring at them and she couldn't help but feel how the tingle in your body. Would they have sex in front of her?


Harry lay down on the floor and Louis were placed on top of him. They touched each other's bodies and they kissed each other intensely. Perrie just sat and gaped. She couldn't stop to see how they both guys really wanted another. She swallowed and wished she could go from the room. Although she was horny to see them, she wanted to home. Louis started to move on the hip and shook their dicks between their stomachs. They groaned and they had totally forgotten that she was there. Louis parted Harry's legs and without preparing Harry hole, he penetrated.


Liam was amused. He chose to go into the room and he sat on the sofa next to Perrie. She couldn't stop to look at the beloved couple. Liam saw that she was red in the face and he understood that she was excited by what she saw. She didn't even notice that Liam had turned up, and just stared at how the guys were and groaned with each other. Liam chose to gently let his hand slide down between her legs and immediately she parted her legs. She groaned and then looked at him. Liam knew that it wasn't much needed to get her on the case. He let his hand slip back inside her panties and immediately she wailed. 
"Damn Liam, take me!" 
He pulled down his pants and made ​​sure she ended up on her back on the sofa. He penetrated without foreplay and she was wet. He pushed all the way in and he felt how he filled her. Perrie moaned and she took her legs around his waist. Liam whimpered and slowly he began to move his hip. He felt how wonderful it was still having sex with a girl and he was excited over her body. Perrie moaned loudly and she took her arms tightly around Liam's neck. She forced him down on her and she didn't stop. Instead, she began to move the body in his pace and she enjoyed it to the full. Liam started pumping faster and he felt his body took her by storm. She whimpered and she was panting. He increased the pace again and he bounced hard against her body. Perrie just enjoyed and she didn't care who he was.


Louis filled Harry with his cock and he took his hand down. He started to jerk off Harry and they both were in a different world. They didn't hear that Perrie shouted or the fact that she had sex. They cared about each other and they both were like mad.


Zayn couldn't help smiling. He took out a camera and without anyone noticing it, he photographed Perrie. He took pictures that showed that she had sex with Liam and Zayn was going to use it against her.


Liam sat under Perries body and he lifted her legs over his shoulders. He moved quickly in and out and he saw that she wasn't aware of anything. He let one hand slide down over her clitoris and he got her to shake. She moaned and she groaned out straight. He enjoyed that she was so tight. It was as if he filled her holes to the brim and he loved that feeling. He pumped his cock rapidly into her and she was so wet. It poured out from her and the sofa become wet under them. Perrie came! She was shaking all over and she pushed up her pussy against Liam. She shook and he could feel her muscles surrounding his cock. She was like an explotion that lasted longer than he was used to. Liam came directly after her and he filled her holes with sperm. He shoved his cock hard and he shook the whole of orgasm. 

"Damn!" Perrie moaned and looked up at Liam. "Damn!" 
Liam laughed a little bit and let her legs go. 
"No, you loved it?" 
She was almost angry again. 
"How did you manage?" 
He raised his eyebrows. 
"You were horny when I showed up and I don't think you were aware over what I did." 
Louis came and they heard how he groaned loudly. Perrie blushed and looked quickly at him. 
Harry came shortly after Louis and he whimpered high. Perrie closed her eyes and she realized she had made ​​a mistake. 
"I promise not to tell." she mumbled and then looked at Liam again. "Please release me. I'm so ashamed that it's enough."
Zayn appeared and immediately she blushed even more. But he smiled reassuring to her and then showed her the photos he had taken. 
"If you so much as mention this, these images are going online and everyone sees it's you and Liam."
Perrie just staring at the camera. 
Liam agreed with Zayn. 
"You know we have them and we will release them to the public if you mention what we do in the house." 
She gave up. 
"Okay, I give up. I promise not to mention it to a single person."

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