Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare - Harry decided that the boys would spend the summer together. They would get together and get to know each other outside the job. It would be a wonderful summer and all looked forward to being with each other. Everyone had thoughts about each other and they all looked at each other in different ways. It was a summer that they would forgot late.


3. To be honest

Louis was fond of the cottage. As soon as he saw Harry's car standing there, he was warm all over. He parked the car and then took the bags. Harry was surprised to see him. 
Louis laughed, a little embarrassed and gave him a quick hug. 
"I had nothing to do at home, so I came today."
Harry didn't care. It was just fun to spend the first night along with Louis. 
"Niall will be here tomorrow." 
Louis nodded happily and looked around. Harry showed him the rooms and Louis chose the bedroom next to Harry. 
"Now we become neighbours?" mumbled Harry and helped him to pack up the clothes. 
"Yes!" Louis giggled lightly and he couldn't stop to just be happy. It was so exciting to be in the cabin. Harry was so relaxed and it felt like they had something going on between each other. Yet Louis didn't tried to think about it, if Harry just wanted to be nice.


Louis had never been good at cooking, but Harry knew more. He put on the grill in the yard and began to grill meats and vegetables. He had already bought everything that could be needed and Louis found two cold beers in the fridge. He went out to Harry and gave him a beer, he opened the second can of beer and drank. 
"How does it feel?" Harry asked, a little tentative. Louis wanted to scream that it was more than okay, but he remained calm. 
"Well, nice not to have to work." 
Harry agreed and turned around the pieces of meat. 
"So you'll be here all summer?" 
Lousi drank it all in the can and nodded. 
"I don't want to go home and be alone. It feels more fun to stay here and hang out with you and the others."
Harry enjoyed. Louis seemed so uncertain and it was like they didn't know what they would say to each other. Normally, Louis was always the one who spoke and who didn't were often quiet, now he seemed less sure of himself. 
"I'm staying all summer." Harry got out and he looked straight into Louis's eyes. "I will not let you down." 
Louis blushed immediately and he didn't know if he would smile or say anything. Harry liked the reaction and laughed a little bit. 
"There's more beer in the basement." 
Louis took it as an excuse to go indoors. He went into the house and down to the basement. 
"What the hell am I doing?" he muttered angrily to himself. "I blushed." 
What he didn't know was that Harry had taken it in the right way. He realized that Louis really felt something for him, and maybe it would mean it would be a long hot summer?


The food tasted really good. Louis enjoyed watching the sun go down and it felt strange to be alone with Harry. They drank more beer and eventually didn't Louis felt so nervous anymore. He smiled at Harry and talked as usual about everything. 
"So what do you think about the others?" Harry asked suddenly. "I mean Liam, Niall and Zayn?" 
Louis looked at him and wondered if he would be honest. 
"I like them. Liam is the one who decides a bit more but I understand that the girls like him." 
Harry knew that Louis tested if he could say more. Therefore, he realized that he should be brave. 
"Zayn is so exotic." 
Louis was startled and met his gaze. 
"Well, he has that exotic look and he has beautiful eyes?"
Harry leaned slightly over the table and he had that seductive look that Louis just loved. He smiled and he looked at him. 
"And Niall seems to be the one who needs to learn a little bit?" 
Louis agreed and swallowed. 
"But he's cute and his body is pretty nice?" 
Harry grinned and Louis could see that he liked the answers. 
"So you are also gay?" Harry got out. Louis blushed immediately and swallowed. He nodded and then realized that he could no longer hide anything. 
"Yes, I must admit that I actually like a good-looking boy's body." 
Harry was thrilled. 
"So who would you have, if you could, of us in the group?" 
Louis didn't know if he would be honest. Who did he want? 
"All of them?" he got out of it. Harry giggled lightly. 
"You have really good taste. I chose the cottage and that we would come here just to test where we have each other. I think everyone is a little fond of everyone, but the question is how much."
Louis lit up. He had got the right hunch. Harry was really looking for something and he really had it all planned. 
"So that happen when Niall coming tomorrow ...?" 
Harry enjoyed. 
"We test and see. Maybe he'll be like us?"
Louis swallowed. 
"And if he is not?" 
Harry was adamant and he knew he was right. 
"With the right environment and with the right mood will all open up., I'm sure we all want to test a little bit." 
Louis was still uncertain, and he swallowed. 
"But what happens after the summer?" 
Harry smiled and seemed not to care about the consequences. 
"We continue as before. My thought is that this summer we will test the limits and let out all the feelings we have for each other. Then we know at least where we have each other."


It tingled Louis stomach when he went to bed that night. He heard Harry how lay down in bed and then there was silence. It was as if they both were excited and anything could happen. Maybe that Liam would blossom, maybe that Niall would dare more and maybe Zayn felt the same as Louis felt?


Harry was so close to going in to Louis, but it felt wrong. It would go too fast if he just threw himself over the older guy. Harry didn't want to scare him off and he didn't want to make any mistakes. If the summer would be fine, Harry had to really restrain all the emotions. He'd certainly take one step at a time and he would enjoy if something happened. He envisioned how he seduced them all and tested how everyone was in bed. Liam was the one who was really challenging, with his big thing between his legs. Niall was the one who would surely love it all, just because he was so clean. Zayn was difficult. He had Perrie and as far as Harry knew, he just stared at Harry sometimes. Then there was Louis and Harry knew he was easy. Actually it attracted Harry that it was just Louis who was gay. There could be many great moments with him and Harry looked forward to it.

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