Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare - Harry decided that the boys would spend the summer together. They would get together and get to know each other outside the job. It would be a wonderful summer and all looked forward to being with each other. Everyone had thoughts about each other and they all looked at each other in different ways. It was a summer that they would forgot late.


2. The summer came

It was approaching summer and Harry didn't want to let all the friends disappear with the wind. He didn't want to spend the summer alone, and he wanted to be with the guys in the band and he had to think think for long time before he came to an apology. 

"Can't we celebrate the summer together." he mumbled one day, when all were gathered in the same room. "We have never done anything outside One Direction and it can be fun to just hang out as friends, without having to have a lot of work on us?" 
Liam looked up and mumbled something. He sighed lightly. 
"Okay, but where?" 
Zayn was directly opposed to the idea. 
"I want to be with Perrie, but maybe I can set up a week or two?" 
Niall was just happy that something exciting happened and Louis seemed relieved. 
"I have nothing planned this summer." Louis got out and he liked the fact that Harry came up with the proposal. "Can't we just rent a house in the country and those who want to come, may show up when they have the time?"
Actually believed all that it was a good idea. Harry took directly up the computer and looked up the houses that were for rent. 
"Should we have a pool in the yard and a luxury house or should we opt for a cozy place with a wood stove?" 
There were different opinions, so they chose something between the two options. 


Eventually they booked a house that was in the woods, near a lake. They had TV, own bedroom and there were opportunities for all in the house. Harry was happy when he called the owner and got to rent the whole place all summer. Harry knew he was the one who would stay there all the time and when the others showed up, he would be ready. 
"May I take Perry with me?" asked Zayn uncertain. Direct Louis shook his head and smiled at him. 
"No, I think we should keep the house girl free. It becomes more communion between us then." 
Zayn sighed, but he didn't say against Louis. 
"Okay, I wonder if she will accept this, but I'll see so that I can come."


When the tour was finally over, Harry went home and made ​​sure he packed everything in the car. Clothing, beach chairs and all he needed for an entire summer. He had received the key and it was just for him to go there. As soon as the car began to roll, called Niall. 
"Can we get there now?" 
Harry laughed lightly and he heard how excited Niall was. 
"Yes, I've packed and are on my way there now." 
"Okay!" Niall mumbled uncertainly. Harry smiled and he knew that it was easy to persuade the Irishman. 
"Pack and got there in the morning?" 
Niall seemed relieved that Harry had said those words. 
"Okay, I will tomorrow and talk about that this will be so fun."


Actually hoped Harry that he would discover new things about the other. Sides that meant that he didn't pined for their bodies and so he wanted to stop to feel a craving against them.


Louis packed. He really wanted to go to the house and he realized that Harry had planned something. There was an idea with the summer and Louis wanted to find out what. Maybe that Harry would realize that Louis was the perfect guy, to be his boyfriend? Maybe that Niall would release some of the barriers and let Louis govern him? Or maybe that Zayn would end it all with Perrie and say that it was Louis he wanted? Louis would also be happy if Liam knew he pined for Louis. It was just exciting to think those thoughts, but Louis felt deep down that summer wouldn't contain sex or naked bodies.


Niall hesitated. Should he choose stylish clothes or flexible clothing. He chose a little mixed, but was still unsure. He didn't want to be seem too lax, but also not too snobby. He wished that the others would see him as a mature guy. Just to be sure, Niall chose finally to pack two suitcases and he took clothes for all occasions.


Liam hesitated. It felt dangerous to go to the house and he had a feeling that Harry had planned something. Maybe that Harry had seen through Liam's thoughts and knew that he was thinking of all the others? Liam chose to throw away that thought. Of course Harry just wanted them to socialize. They would swim, sunbathe and sit and talk all night. Liam envisioned how they ran down into the lake. Naked bodies, wet bodies, tanned bodies. He blushed!


"In two weeks you can go." muttered Perrie. Zayn sighed and realized that she let him go after her like a dog. She decided everything and he could never say no to her. Perhaps the two hadn't the perfect  relationship together? Maybe that Zayn was gay? He liked the moment to fantasize about Louis. He could see how Louis stripped off his clothes and seduced him. Zayn quickly removed the stupid dream. He was with Perrie and they would get married one day. Zayn was an editing guy who had a girlfriend and he wasn't gay. But only if  you didn't mention that he sometimes fantasized about Niall when he had sex with Perrie. Or sometimes he chose Liam. Harry was also pretty tempting, and his body was so perfect. 
"Okay!" he muttered finally and looked at Perrie. "So we spend two weeks together and then I go over to them?" 
She nodded with satisfaction. 
"I want to spend some time with you."


Harry was pleased when the car drove up to the cottage. It would be an exciting summer and he felt his whole body tingled. He really would do everything possible to test all the others and see if any of them had a little interest in him. Harry wanted to find out what they knew and if everyone really was as boring as they said.

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