Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare - Harry decided that the boys would spend the summer together. They would get together and get to know each other outside the job. It would be a wonderful summer and all looked forward to being with each other. Everyone had thoughts about each other and they all looked at each other in different ways. It was a summer that they would forgot late.


12. Nouis

Louis couldn't stop smiling. Niall followed him to the room and they both were like two kids on Christmas Eve. Louis made ​​sure that he took with him some stuff from Harry's room. Then he took Niall into his own room and he closed the door carefully. Niall was fast. He started to strip off his shirt, but Louis stopped him. 
"You take away half the fun, Nialler!" murmured Louis and got him to stop. Niall smiled weakly and swallowed. 
"I just thought .." 
Louis stood near him and took his face between his hands. 
"Little cute Nialler, let me decide a little bit over some parts." then kissed Louis Niall and made him moan lightly. Louis pulled him onto the bed and got him to land on the mattress. Louis then took both handcuffs and made sure Nialls hands ended up over his head, stuck in bed. Louis then began to slowly undress his own clothes and he saw how Niall followed his hands all the time. When Louis was naked he lay down next to Niall in bed and let his hand caress him over the breasts. Niall groaned and Louis saw that he had something hard between his legs. The pants were bulging out and Louis just loved it. He let his hand slide down over Nialls stomach and down over the pants. Niall groaned again and lifted slightly the hips up. Louis smiled with satisfaction and unbuttoned his fly. He saw that Niall was prepared for anything. 
"Should we take it slow?" 
Niall shook his head. 
"No, can't we just do it now?" 
Louis smiled and sat up. He pulled off Niall pants and threw them away. Then he took off his underwear and immediately he saw Nialls boner. It was so wonderful to see the Irishman excited and Louis was almost overjoyed. He took a ring over Nialls member and he made sure that it slid right down to the root. Then he got lube and sat down under Niall. Irishman parted directly on the legs and looked wide-eyed at Louis, when he started to prepare the hole. Louis took the lube over the area and he rubbed up Niall. When a finger penetrated, almost shouted Niall straight out. 
"Damn Lou, I'm a virgin down there." 
Louis giggled lightly. 
"Then you wont mind if I take it away from you?" 
Niall whimpered and looked at him. 
"Just take it easy."
Louis smiled and let his finger slide in deeper. Niall closed his eyes and he was breathing rapidly. Louis let his head slip down over Nialls cock and slowly he let his tongue play with the top. Niall whimpered and he threw back his head. Louis loved to see him so horny, so excited and full Niall was like a hot body. He had already begun to turn red in the face. Louis let one more finger penetrate. Niall responded with to moan louder and his mouth was wide open. Louis felt that himself soon couldn't hold back, that's why he let his fingers slide out. He put a pillow under Nialls butt and made ​​sure he was at the perfect height. Then he took the lube over his own member and brought it to the hole. He penetrated. Niall spread his legs as much as he could and he screamed with excitement. Louis took his hands around Nialls waist and penetrated all the way. Niall was so tight, so warm, so perfect. Louis groaned and felt himself filled the hole. He slowly started to move on the hip, and he felt himself perfectly gle in and out. Niall whimpered and he turned his head around. His mouth was still open and he showed with his face that he loved it. Louis smiled and moaned lightly. He bent slowly over the Irishman and let their lips meet. He kissed him and felt how hot Niall was. He was intense and he didn't get enough. Louis started to move faster inside Niall and he felt how Nialls cock constantly bumped into Louis's stomach. They were both completely inside the other and Louis didn't want stop. The Irish was perfect.


Louis turned almost Niall double under him. He bounced hard against Nialls butt and he felt his whole body shook. Louis closed his eyes and he inserted his cock faster. Niall was his trampoline and Louis loved to feel how he bounced back and forth over him. It felt so wonderful in the entire body, and he felt that soon he could come. Niall groaned under him and he was red all over the face and down his chest. Louis kissed him again and this time it was as their tongues fought against each other. They were like madmen and their bodies were ready to explode. Louis let a hand slide down between them and he quickly began to masturbate Nialls cock. Niall instantly became even more crazy and he almost couldn't lie still in bed. Niall quickly took his legs around Louis's waist and he moaned every time Louis pushed himself hard into him. Louis managed to pick up the pace with his hand and he felt that Niall soon could come. They both shook and they both felt how perfect their bodies ended up at the same rate. Finally Niall couldn't hold back anything. He screamed and he came. Louis smiled and looked down at Nialls cock. He saw how his hand was working over it and he was seeing how it spurted cum. It looked like one hard outbreak and Niall soaked down both their bodies and Louis hand. 


Louis sat under Niall, took his legs over his shoulders and then he worked quickly to achieve the same end. Niall smiled at him and looked at Louis carefully. Louis groaned and pumped harder into Niall. He worked faster with his hip and he felt the sweat just poured. Full Louis was ready to feel the orgasm coming. He was ready to fill Nialls hole and he wanted to get there. 


When Louis came he nearly shouted out straight. He squeezed into Nialls holes, he felt his cock vibrated and he felt how he filled Niall. He shook and he whimpered. It was wonderful and he had loved every second of their sex.


Louis released Nialls hands free. Direct Niall took them around Louis's body, forcing him down upon him. 
"It was wonderful!" 
Louis giggled and nodded. He felt the cum and the sweat between them got their bodies to be sticky together, but Louis liked it. He kissed Niall and held his arms tightly around his body. 
"You're wonderful Nialler."
"You took my virginity?"
Louis giggled and nodded.
"Thank you darling."

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