Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare - Harry decided that the boys would spend the summer together. They would get together and get to know each other outside the job. It would be a wonderful summer and all looked forward to being with each other. Everyone had thoughts about each other and they all looked at each other in different ways. It was a summer that they would forgot late.


6. Lilo

Louis pulled off Liam his shirt and he let his lips kiss his bare skin. At the same time he buttoned up Liam's pants and pulled off all his clothes. His large member stood up and Louis was excited. He really wanted to feel it and he wanted the whole Liam for himself. Liam moaned and he smiled at Louis. 
"I want to see you naked." 
Louis chuckled lightly and pulled off his clothes. Then he landed on top of Liam and let their boner be rubbed against each other. 
"Damn, you're hot Liam, I want you and I could ..." 
Liam groaned and interrupted him. 
"Do what you want. I'm your night."
Louis was quick. He ran stood up and gave Liam a warning glance. 
"Stay here, honey." 
Liam smiled and nodded. Louis ran up to the room and retrieved a condom and lube. It was a tingling throughout his body and he wanted to go all the way with Liam. It was like it was meant and he really wanted to explore the younger body.


Louis sat down next to Liam and he took the condom over his big cock. Then he smeared it with lube and smiled at Liam. 
"You get to fuck me tonight." 
Liam groaned and nodded. Louis took more lube on his hand and began to rub his own holes. He made himself ready and moaned lightly. Liam watched as Louis sat over him and took his big hard cock to the hole. He slid slowly down over it and they both groaned. Liam grabbed Louis's waist and forced him to sit completely over it. Louis closed his eyes and let his hand move over his own member. It didn't hurt, and the whole body tingled with excitement. He slowly began to ride Liam and directly it was as if everything else disappeared. Louis felt his hole was filled to the brim and it was a wonderful feeling. 
"Faster!" miumlade Liam and forced him to pick up the pace. Louis moaned and he couldn't get enough of Liam.


Liam spun around. He put Louis under him and took his legs up over his shoulders. He pumped quickly into the cock in Louis and he groaned aloud. Louis wasn't aware of what happened, and he enjoyed every movement that Liam did. Louis hand worked faster over his own cock and he groaned with a open mouth. 
"Damn Liam." he mumbled. "You're damn the only one for me." 
Liam smiled and looked down on their sweaty bodies. This was a dream come true and it was a wonderful dream. Liam bounced harder against Louis buttocks and let their bodies was thrust together. Liam felt he was close the end, but he didn't want to stop. He released Louis leg, and fell down over him. He kissed him again and Louis just seemed to be crazy about everything. Their lips move smoothly over each other and they groaned aloud. Liam took down a hand under Louis buttocks and held him up easily. It was so wonderful to feel him under his body and it was like they didn't get enough.


Liam came! He felt how he started shaking and he felt how he started breathing faster. He almost screamed and pressed his dick into Louis holes. It was as if the whole body got a shock and it exploded quickly and insensivt. Liam filled the condom with sperm and he hid his face against Louis cheek. He squeezed out everything and felt his body slowly came back to reality. Louis continued to jerk off and it didn't  take long before he came. Liam took off Louis's hand and made ​​it with is own hand. He let his hand work quickly and finally screamed Louis straight out. He spurted liquid that landed on Liam's hand and he shook. Liam smiled and made sure that Louis got out of everything. Then they fell to the floor and kissed each other tenderly.

"You are the best!" murmured Louis happy and he was totally tired in the body. Liam laughed a little bit and kissed him with all his heart. It had have been wonderful.

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