Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare - Harry decided that the boys would spend the summer together. They would get together and get to know each other outside the job. It would be a wonderful summer and all looked forward to being with each other. Everyone had thoughts about each other and they all looked at each other in different ways. It was a summer that they would forgot late.


9. Larry

In the evening all sat in the living room and watched TV. Everyone was tired and they needed to relax. It was as if the day had been quite different and they didn't know what would happen or if something could happen again. Niall followed the plot of the movie and Liam sat and dozed. Harry felt that it started triggered something in him and he couldn't sit still. 

"We can up go to the room?" Louis whispered and smiled at him. "Niall is still tired and Liam are asleep?" 
Harry giggled. 
"Do you dare to try some? I bring toys?" 
Louis was thrilled. 


Louis saw that Harry seemed to have the experience. He took out handcuffs and various of other things. Louis sat on the bed and noted that Harry seemed more happy than ever. 
"Promise not to tell this to anyone." Harry mumbled and looked at Louis. He got a nod in response. "I love to test dildos and sometimes other things." 
Louis eyes got big, but Harry calmed him down. 
"If it hurts, we have to talk about it. Okay?" 
Louis dared nothing but smile. Harry came up to him and looked at Louis with alert eyes. 
"So do you want to undress me?" 
Louis stood up quickly. He started with Harry's shirt, then his pants, socks and finally his underwear. Louis just loved seeing Harry's member and it stood straight out. He smiled and swallowed. 
"Will you undress me?"
Harry almost tore off Louis clothes and when he was naked, he was pushed back into bed. Harry made ​​sure that Louis ended up with his arms over his head and immediately he took the handcuffs and put him stocked to the bed. Louis was excited and he let Harry do what he wanted. He didn't even receive when Harry came and put on a ring over  Louis cock. Instead he moaned and swallowed .
" So it will be a long night ? "
Harry giggled and nodded. He took the lube on his hand and began to slowly caress Louis between the buttocks. Louis groaned and closed his eyes. Harry was so careful and it didn't even hurt when his one finger penetrated. Louis groaned and lifted slightly at the hips. Harry smiled and took out a dildo. He took the lube on it with and brought it to Louis holes. He pushed it in and Louis almost screamed.
"Damn, Harold!"
When the dildo was inside all the way he moaned in pleasure. Harry put on the vibrator and got the whole Louis to whimper.
"Damn..." he screamed and left his mouth wide open. Harry enjoyed seeing Louis groan and immediately he bent over him. He kissed Louis nipples and let his tongue tease them. He let his lips slide up and then Harry kissed him. Louis was intense and he responded to the kiss right away. Harry enjoyed to control him and let his tongue quickly slid between his lips. Louis groaned loudly, and when Harry let his hand move over his cock, it was as if it exploded. Harry masturbated for him and he loved to see how Louis followed every movement.


When Louis was so horny that he almost came, Harry stopped the whole thing and pulled out the dildo. He sat under Louis and quickly he filled the hole again with his own cock. Louis moaned and tried to tear himself loose from the handcuffs. Harry smiled and felt how he filled the older guy. Slowly he began move on his hip and he kept a firm grip around Harry's waist. It was so nice that he almost came instantly. Louis moaned and he did everything possible to increase the pace. Harry obeyed him. He picked up Louis legs over his shoulders and he bounced on his butt. Louis moved in pleasure and he moaned loudly. Harry enjoyed and he felt himself rapidly coming towards the end. It sounded every time he bumped in his cock and he knew that they both had reached the top of the mountain. Therefore, he let his hand slide down against Louis cock and he moved his hand over it. Harry worked with the whole body and the sweat was pouring from his forehead. Louis was too hot and it flowed from his body. Harry loved it and he pumped hard into the hole. In the end he couldn't hold himself and he came. Harry pressed in and filled the older guy with cum. He shook and he whimpered out straight. It was like an explosion between his legs and he could feel the orgasm really took over everything.


Harry bent down between Louis legs. He let his cock come in between his lips and he slowly began to suck him. Louis screamed and he didn't know how he would lie. Harry smiled and he got Louis to drop everything. He sucked him faster and finally he felt his dick slowly began to shake. Then just squirted it into his mouth. Louis screamed and he rounded hips upwards towards Harry's face. He shook for a long time before the body slowly sank. 


"Damn, you are absolutely incredible." murmured Louis and opened his eyes. "You are the best of the best." 
Harry giggled and wiped her mouth. 
"Thank you!"
"So fucking wonderful!" 
Harry laughed and bent over Louis's body. He looked straight into his eyes. 
"You know I can do more, huh?" 
Louis just gaped. 
"I understood that this isn't everything." 
Harry giggled. 
"So you like to let me take care of you?" 
Louis nodded quickly.

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