Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare - Harry decided that the boys would spend the summer together. They would get together and get to know each other outside the job. It would be a wonderful summer and all looked forward to being with each other. Everyone had thoughts about each other and they all looked at each other in different ways. It was a summer that they would forgot late.


1. Introduction

Truth or Dare

And you who don't like gays and more... Don't read...



Another one of my crazy ideas and in this story are all gays. 

Hahaha ... can it get any worse? I don't know ...






Harry liked to touch others boys' bodies. As soon as he got a chance he tried to touch Niall, Louis, or even Liam or Zayn. There was something special about bodies and he had always shown openly that he was gay. Sometimes it could be as simple as hugging someone on stage. Their fans were used to seeing them hugging, but for Harry it was something more. It was closeness and it was connection in a hug. Harry did everything to seduce his friends. He wanted to feel their bodies and he wanted to explore what they liked in bed.


Louis just loved Harry. It was as if the curly-haired guy really flirted with everyone and he was so special. Louis was gay, but he had Eleanor beard. He didn't want to come out openly and he didn't want the fans to know. Yet it was special when Harry touched Louis and caressed him over the back. It tingled all over Louis's body and he knew how he was affected.


Liam loved the girls, and he liked to feel a wonderful girl's body beneath him. He liked the breast and he liked well-trained bodies. Therefore, he was surprised one day when he noticed how great everyone was One Direction. Harry had that face that you could die for. Louis ass was like a small pillow and it was so sexy. Zayn was so exotic and he had a look that could really flirting. Niall was wonderful because he was so innocent and he seemed to lack experience. Liam was almost ashamed when he got those weird thoughts in his head.


Zayn really loved Perrie. He loved her because she took him as a man and she knew how she would get Zayn happy. She could cheer him up, get him to stop brooding and she was so loving. Yet, Zayn couldn't help but look at the others. He wondered how Liam was in bed with his huge member. Louis was so feminine and he actually had a body that attracted. Harry was stylish in a sexy way and he attracted Zayn. Niall was so happy and he seemed to be so inexperienced. Yet, Zayn couldn't stop to wonder how Niall would be if you gave him a chance to sex. Zayn was ashamed of the thoughts, but he couldn't stop thinking.


Niall gave up! He found no princess and he realized that he might as well stop looking and be who he always was: Single! Yet he felt the craving to be experienced and it went so far that he almost could choose a guy. Harry was gay and he was really good looking to be a guy. He used to hug Niall and give him flashbacks. Louis was more like an experienced guy and Niall liked to watch him move around on the stage. Liam had a big dick, everybody knew that for a fact, and Niall wondered so how it felt to have sex with him. Zayn attracted too, even though he now had a solid and good relationship with Perrie. Sometimes Niall blushed over his thoughts, but he couldn't stop to wonder.






And do you who know already that you do not want to read: Bye! 


If you intend to continue: I don't know where it will end!


Many times I have a thought about a start and an end to the story. What's going on there between is always open and sometimes I myself be surprised where it leads.



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