Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare - Harry decided that the boys would spend the summer together. They would get together and get to know each other outside the job. It would be a wonderful summer and all looked forward to being with each other. Everyone had thoughts about each other and they all looked at each other in different ways. It was a summer that they would forgot late.


4. Four guys

In the morning Harry was up first. He set up breakfast on a tray and carried it to Louis. He knocked lightly on the door and went inside. Louis yawned and looked sleepily up at him. 
"So that we talked about yesterday?" 
Harry giggled lightly and set down the tray on Louis lap. 
"I keep my promises and I wont tell a single living person about our conversation." 
Louis smiled and looked down at the food. 
"Haz, so much! I can't eat it all." 
Harry sat on the edge of the bed and smiled at him. 
"I want you to eat so that you really feel good. Today, Niall and possibly Liam will come. We have to plan together how we should proceed." 
Louis sighed lightly. 
"Yesterday, I thought it would work, but ..." 
Harry put his hand on Louis's mouth and smiled big. 
"No, but again! We will actually ensure that everyone experiences something out of the ordinary and it doesn't matter if you doubt my idea."
Louis was weak for Harry. As soon as the younger guy looked into Louis's eyes, he was like chocolate in the sun and melt. 
"So we're going to really accomplish this?" 
Harry nodded and let his hand slide over Louis's cheek. 
"Yes, we are going to accomplish all that we want this summer."


Niall saw Louis car, he saw Harry's car and his entire stomach tingled. It would be a wonderful summer and he swallowed to keep himself calm. He parked the car and then took out the bags he had. Niall was still unsure if he would stay, but at the same time he wanted it. He envisioned how the summer was going to be, and although it was a filthy mind, he didn't release his thought.


"Welcome!" exclaimed Harry directly and hugged Niall lovingly. He hoped on an impact, but Niall was as frisky as he always had been. 
"So we three are here?" 
Louis nodded and also gave Niall a hug. 
"Liam might come today." 
Niall didn't mind, but it felt more secure if all was in place.
"So where do I put the bags?"
Louis showed him upstairs and chose the room next to the Louis bedroom. Niall just smiled and put out his bags in the room. Louis couldn't help but look down at Nialls slim legs. His eyes slid up over Nialls cute little butt and over his back. The Irishman was really such a guy, who didn't look experienced. Louis wanted to teach him everything, but he knew he couldn't throw himself over Niall.


Niall walked around the yard, he was down at the lake and he seemed to like the place. When he came back to the house, he smiled big. 
"No fans, no one that sees us. Speaking about the unusual." 
Harry laughed a little bit. 
"That's why I wanted to have this place this summer. Nobody sees us and we can do what we want." 
Niall was amused. 
"Have you planned what will happen already?" 
Louis blushed and looked away. He realized there was a little too much planned. Harry just smiled and was nodding with satisfaction. 
"We'll see what happens. It's at least wonderful that you came." 
Niall raised his eyebrows and looked at him. 
"Yes, everyone will surely come?"


Liam came driving to the house, just in time for dinner. Niall and Harry had been in the kitchen and cooked. Louis felt like a lazy guy, but at the same time, he instead sat and looked at the guys. Harry was more mature in the body, Niall was still the one that looked so boyish. Liam was a man! Louis saw him jump out of the car and he took out the bags out of the car. Liam attracted, Liam was exciting and Louis smiled when their eyes met. 
"Just in time for the food." 
Liam laughed a little bit. 
"Really? I left the house early today, but happened to take the wrong way and I was lost. Perhaps no meaning?" 
Louis hugged him. 
"Yes, everything has a meaning. Come in and eat."


Liam was feeling good. He felt his whole body relaxed and he saw that the other three guys had already started to drop everything that had happened during the spring. It was nice not to have fans around, worry about photographers and end up where everyone screamed. Liam couldn't help but peek at Harry. He had a shirt that was unbuttoned. His chest appeared and his tattoos. Louis was without a shirt and he looked so damn good. Niall had his tank top on and he looked like always. Mischievous, happy and boyish. Liam smiled a little bit at him. Niall also attracted up the imagination in Liam and he almost blushed of the images he got up.


"Can we go swimming?" asked Louis suddenly and smiled at them all. "We don't need to think about clothes but can go swimming naked." 
Harry looked down at Liam's body and nodded. He wanted to see the big thing one more time and he didn't mind if Liam got boner. 
Niall blushed instantly. 
"Are you serious?" 
Liam laughed and was a bit amused. Personally, he had no objection to show himself up and it would be wonderful if everyone was naked. 
"Come on Nialler!" he exclaimed. "We've seen each other naked before, and does it matter if you're naked or not?"


Liam was quick to strip naked and Louis came in quickly in the water. Harry loved to follow Liam and look at his manly body. He liked it. Niall hesitated. He stood a long time on the beach and seemed unsure what he would do. Liam smiled a little bit and in the end he went up to Niall. 
"You have a perfect body, and you need not to be ashamed." 
Niall did everything to not look down on Liam's body. 
"But ..." 
Liam pulled off his tank top and threw it away. Then he pulled off his pants and finally went Nialls underpants off. 
"It wasn't that dangerous?" Liam mumbled and he saw how Nialls body was completely naked in front of him. "You're pretty." 

Niall blushed and he looked down at the others. No one laughed, and no one looked down on Niall. He smiled still uncertain. 
"Okay, we bathe then."


Liam stayed close to Niall. The young boy was so perfect in every way. He had such soft skin and he was like a little teddy bear. What amused Liam was that Niall responded to as soon as they happened to brush against each other. Liam liked it and he teased Niall, by just graze him.


Louis became jealous. Liam seemed quite busy with Niall and he hardly looked at the others. Louis wanted to have his attention to. Still, he remained calm and tried not to show anything open. 
"Take it easy!" Harry whispered in Louis ear. "You will get your share of him. Let him flirt a little with Niall, but we will also get him." 
Louis swallowed. 
"If he wants?" 
Harry was sure of it. 
"He want, just don't go too fast. We will get to know on his big thing and we'll make him cry of pleasure." 
Louis blushed and looked quickly at Harry. 
"Talk about that you already know everything?" 
Harry giggled lightly. 
"I don't know everything, but I see where it will lead."

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