Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare - Harry decided that the boys would spend the summer together. They would get together and get to know each other outside the job. It would be a wonderful summer and all looked forward to being with each other. Everyone had thoughts about each other and they all looked at each other in different ways. It was a summer that they would forgot late.


10. Five true or dare....

When Zayn came to the house he was in a good mood. He had just broken up with Perrie and he wanted to spend the summer with those he cared about. He chose to be quiet about it all, but he looked forward to being with the other. Zayn also saw that something had happened. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits and they seemed to look at each other more than they did before. 
"So what did I miss?" 
Louis giggled and leaned against him. 
"We're playing truth or dare in the evening." 
Louis nodded with satisfaction. 
"We have discovered that we all like certain things." 
Zayn swallowed. 
"Like what?" 
He felt Niall stood near him and he leaned his face to his ear. 
"That's the surprise and you will be satisfied. I promise you!"

Zayn got nervous. He had so much in his imagination and he blushed when the thoughts began to spin around. He saw how Nialls body was near him and it affected. 
"So you think we're going to play games?" 
Louis laughed and he was so happy with life. 
"Playing? Yes, you could say that we are playing with each other." 
Zayn blushed and took quickly up the bag to the bedroom. He almost regretted that he had gone to the house, but at the same time, he wanted to be with them. Zayn happened to peek into the other rooms and directly he saw Harry's dildos. He blushed and realized that the others had done more than what they said. He saw the handcuffs who was stuck in bed. The imagination was triggered on and he just blushed more.


"What have you done?" he finally asked Niall. "I saw some things in Harry's room, and if I hadn't been so smart, I would have thought that you had sex?" 
Niall grinned and took his arms around his neck. 
"Zayn, we've had a few days when we made ​​things for each other. It's about sharing. Wouldn't you agree?" 
He blushed. 
"You mean you ...?" 
Niall smiled and raised his eyebrows. 
"We have ..."


"Rules!" said Louis cheerfully when they sat down on the floor and he looked at Zayn. "Truth must be told, and you will not lie. You must do all that we say and you wont hesitate." 
Zayn swallowed. 
"And what does that mean?" 
Louis laughed a little bit and let his eyes slide around at all. 
"Are we going to show it to him?" 
Harry grinned. 
"If Louis saying dare, can I ask him to kiss Niall. Then he just do it!" 
Louis stood up and walked over to Niall. Zayn watched as their lips met and they really kissed each other. 
Harry smiled. 
"No buts!" 
Liam agreed, and looked at Zayn. 
"There's nothing wrong in kissing and doing some things together."
Zayn had gone to heaven or hell? He didn't recognize the guys anymore, but he was excited by the idea. Niall groaned and Louis ended the kiss. 
"It was okay, honey." he mumbled and got Niall blush. 
"Thank you!"


When the bottle pointed at Zayn, he panicked. He swallowed. 
Louis giggled. 
"So you don't dare to challenge us?" 
Harry revealed that Zayn wouldn't bother. 
"Okay, who of all in the room you would like to seduce?" 
Zayn blushed. 
"Are you serious?" 
Harry nodded. 
"It's just to say a name." 
Zayn hesitated and looked down at his hands. His heart pounded and he wasn't thinking clearly. 
"If I ... I mean ... I would ... Louis?" 
Louis giggled happily. 
"Thanks, I would like to seduce you too."


The bottle pointed at Niall and Zayn became uncertain. 
"So I'll just say something?" 
Niall giggled. 
Harry also giggled. 
"Yeah Zayn, what you want" 
Zayn swallowed. 
"Can you kiss Louis again?" 
Niall obeyed him and skipped over to the older guy. Louis opened his arms and pulled Niall to his own body. Their lips met again and Zayn saw that they were really intense. Niall let his tongue slip in between Louis lips and it ended with Louis lay down on the floor. Niall lay on top of him and they both groaned lightly.
"But is this normal?" whacked Zayn, although he loved to look at them. Liam took his arm around his shoulders and nodded. 
"It is normal. They like each other and what's wrong?" 
"Two guys?" 
Liam giggled. 
"Zayn, I will like to seduce you."

Niall and Louis didn't stop, and Harry saw that they were both completely inside the other. He laughed lightly and spun the bottle. 
"We can continue?" 
It stopped and pointed at Zayn. Harry smiled big and gave him a long look. Zayn blushed slightly. 
"Okay, I wont be humdrum." he mumbled. "Dare!" 
Niall stopped to kiss Louis and looked up at them. 
Harry giggled and watched as Niall made ​​his way back to his place. Louis straightened his clothes and tried to hide that he was excited. 
"Let him do something now." Liam mumbled. Harry giggled lightly. 
"I want you making out with Liam." 
Zayn wanted to say no, but Liam was quick and looked at him. 
"Come on and dare. Thing that happens in here stays here and no one will talk about it with outsiders."


The tingling throughout Zayns body. He felt Liam's lips caressed his and he became almost excited. Liam let her tongue slip in between Zayns lips and actually it affected them both. It wasn't long before Zayn forgot who he kissed and the only thing he knew was that it was perfect.


Louis couldn't let go of Niall with his eyes. He wanted the young boy and he wanted to feel his body. It was as if Niall knew what Louis felt. Their eyes met and Louis smiled weakly. Niall blushed and felt the tension between them.
"You can bring him up." Harry mumbled and smiled at Louis. "You can take him and lend toys if you want."
Louis was excited. 

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