Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare - Harry decided that the boys would spend the summer together. They would get together and get to know each other outside the job. It would be a wonderful summer and all looked forward to being with each other. Everyone had thoughts about each other and they all looked at each other in different ways. It was a summer that they would forgot late.


19. all together

The room was lit with candles and on the floor, Harry had laid out blankets and everything else you could lie on. He fetched Zayn and lured him into the room. 
"I have a surprise for you, honey!" 
Zayn blushed and went along. Harry chuckled lightly and pulled off his shirt. He laid it on the couch and then showed that Zayn would lie down on the floor. 
"Hands over your head." 
Zayn obeyed him. Harry took out handcuffs and sat directly though his hands. Zayn gulped and he seemed almost unsure. Harry laughed a little bit. 
"Don't be afraid, we'll take care of you."
Louis came in to the room with Niall. They saw Zayn on the floor and Niall smiled big.
"He's a slave?"
Louis smiled and shook his head quickly. He pulled off Niall his tank top, and laid him down on another place, on the floor. Harry put even his hands over his head and got them stock to the sofa. Niall blushed slightly and looked over at Zayn.
"Why us?"
Liam came into the room and immediately he became overjoyed. He looked at Zayn and Niall.
Harry giggled and nodded a little bit.
"We don't have to be cruel, but this is exciting?"
"But?" Niall got out and just stared at them. "Why should we be slaves and not you?"
Louis sat down next to Niall and leaned lightly over him.
"Because your the one who makes me enjoy it all."
"And what about me?" asked Zayn quickly and hoped for the same answer.
"You make me to enjoy!" replied Liam and chose to go to him. "And you're so exotic that I can't stop looking at you."
Zayn laughed a little bit.
Liam nodded and looked down at his chest. 
"You rock!" 
Harry just smiled and noted that he was the one who no one cared about. Niall saw Harrys sad face and swallowed. 
"But Hazza, you make me like this." 
Harry laughed a little bit and smiled at Niall. He went over to the table and got a ring to pull over Nialls member and showed that Louis could pull off his pants. Niall groaned lightly and allowed Louis to do so. Harry sat down between Nialls legs and let his hand slowly massage his member. He got it to stand up and Niall groaned. Harry smiled as he let the ring slip down around it. Louis seemed to like what he saw and bent over Niall. He kissed him and let his tongue slip in. Liam was quick to pull off Zayn pants and without a word he did the same thing as Harry had done. He took a ring over Zayns member and smiled at him. 
"Now you can keep on half the night if you want." 
Zayn groaned lightly and nodded. 
"But you must be kind to me." 
Liam smiled and watched his body carefully. 
"I promise baby."
Louis groaned and lay down half over Niall. He couldn't stop kissing him and Niall seemed to like it. Louis stroked the Irishman's breasts and his bare skin with the whole hand. It felt so exciting that he just lay there and accepted it.
Harry chose to also get naked and he looked over at Zayn. 
"How are you?" 
Zayn smiled and seemed to like it all. Liam stood up and he also stripped off his clothes. He then sat between Zays legs and slowly began to caress him over the skin. Zayn smiled and looked at Liam that he loved what he saw. Liam let her hands slide up over his chest and then down again. He looked down at Zayns boner and smiled at it. 
"You are ready?" 
Zayn groaned and nodded. 
"I'm yours!" 
Harry showed up and took up a dildo. He gave it to Liam and smiled big. 
"You can play with him?" 
Liam smiled and understood what Harry wanted him to do. Zayn watched with wide eyes as Liam smeared the dildo with lube. He brought it down towards the rear hole and let it slowly penetrate. Zayn groaned straight out and spread his legs as much as he could. Liam pushed it all the way in and directly it was as if the whole Zayns body exploded.


Harry made ​​sure that Louis got away from Niall .
"You can't just lie there and kiss him."
Louis blushed slightly and went over to the sofa. He took off his clothes and watched as Harry took out a dildo with a vibrator.
"Niall, I will test you a little bit..." Harry whispered teasingly and smeared the dildo with lube. Then he took it to Nialls holes and put on the vibrator. He pushed it slowly into the hole and immediately groaned Niall loud. He spread his legs and he lifted his hips. Harry smiled and he let it slide in all the way. Niall groaned loudly and moved his hips up and down. He whimpered and his whole body was affected. Louis came over to them and he smiled.
"Niall like it?"
Harry giggled and nodded. They saw how Nialls member was hard, it stood  straight up and was vibrating. Louis giggled and sat down at Nialls beside head. He towered down over Nialls body and let his own lips embrace Nialls member. He brought his own cock against Nialls lips and the Irishman took directly it in his mouth. Louis felt how he slipped into Nialls mouth and it felt absolutely wonderful. He began to bring the head up and down over Nialls cock and he sucked him off. Niall tried to do the same thing, but he groaned and throughout he was boiling. He was red all over the face and he wished he could come.


Zayn groaned when Liam pulled out the dildo. He filled the empty hole quickly with his own cock and penetrated all the way. Zayn groaned and closed his eyes. He loved to feel Liam's member and he loved knowing that it was inside him. Liam began to move on the hip and he kept a firm grip around Zayns waist. 
"Come on, honey." he mumbled and looked into Zayns face. "You're so hot and you're so tight." 
Liam was moving faster and he just loved to feel the way he filled the hole. They both moaned and they both flexing muscles of enjoyment.


Harry took out the dildo from Niall. He saw how Louis was above Nialls member and he saw that Niall tried to do the same for Louis. Harry smiled and spread Nialls legs. He put his own cock against the hole and filled quickly Niall all the way in. Niall whimpered straight out and he was now red all over his body and it ran the sweat from his face. Harry liked to see him so excited. Louis quickly saw was Harry did, but he didn't care. He continued to take care of the Irishman's member and he did a great job. Harry pushed himself all the way and held up Nialls legs. He quickly began to move on the hip and he bounced hard against Nialls butt.


Liam took himself out from Zayn and he was breathing rapidly. 
"I have to take it easy, or I will come, and then all is over." 
Zayn didn't want him to stop. 
"Just a little more?" 
Liam looked over at the other and was surprised. He saw how Harry was moving inside Niall and on top of the Irishman was Louis. 
"Hello?" he received because of it. "Can't Louis come here and take over Zayn?" 
Louis stopped. 
Liam laughed a little bit. 
"Come on!"

Harry was happy that Louis disappeared. Directly he lifted Nialls legs over his shoulders and stood up on his knees instead. He lifted up Niall so much that he could continue. Niall groaned and he looked straight into Harry's eyes. Harry moved his hip quickly and he felt how he filled Nialls holes. It felt as if the hole was created to satisfy Harry and he was grateful for it. 
"Harder ..." Niall mumbled and groaned. Harry smiled and obeyed him.


Liam came over to them and the first thing he was staring at was Nialls hard cock. It stood straight out and bounced up and down over Nialls stomach. Liam liked what he saw, and then he noticed that Harry was about to come. 
"I can take over?" 
Harry groaned and looked up at him. 
Liam nodded. 
Harry let Niall go and wiped the sweat from his own forehead. 
"He's so fucking beautiful." 
Liam pushed him away and looked down at Nialls surprised face. 
"You're used now darling. I can take you!" 
He took the lube over his member and then he brought it towards Nialls holes. He penetrated and filled Nialls holes. The Irish beat back his head and he lifted his hips to meet Liam. He moaned straight out and he showed the entire body that it was something out of the ordinary. Liam smiled and penetrated all the way. He filled the Irishman and it was so nice.


Louis penetrated Zayn and laid him double under him. He filled the Muslim and made him groan. Louis chose to kiss Zayn and their lips were intense. Their tongues met and began playing together. Zayn wasn't Niall, but he was exciting in a different way. Louis moved faster to the hip and he pounded hard into the hole. Louis didn't notice that Harry was placed behind them. He didn't notice that Harry smeared in his own member with lube. Louis just felt that someone parted his butt and then penetrated. Louis shouted, almost straight out of pleasure. He felt how they ended up at the same rate and it was different to be between two guys. Harry was quick and he quickly brought his cock in and out. He grabbed Louis's waist and he ended up at the same rate. He heard that Zayn groaned, he heard that Louis groaned and he ended up quite quickly in fog. He felt his whole body was affected and he was shaking with excitement. Zayn spread his legs as much as he could. He wished that someone would remove the ring and let him come. He couldn't take more, but at the same time he didn't want it to end.


Liam spun around Niall, so he got down on all fours in front of him. Liam got down on his knees behind Nialls butt and penetrated rapidly into Niall. He forced the young boy to swing quickly back and forth. Liam grabbed his waist and he felt himself once again filled the hole. Niall groaned high and he whimpered with the entire body. Liam closed his eyes and he felt he was nearing the end. He moved quickly on the body and he brought Niall in front of him in rapid movements. Liam tried to not come yet and he let his hands caress Nialls back. He felt how soft the Irishman was and his skin was so perfect. He let his hands slide up over his back and he grabbed Nialls shoulders. He made sure that Niall kept the same pace and made ​​him bounce harder back against Liam. 
"Come on, honey." he muttered aloud. "I want to come inside you."
Niall just moaned and he couldn't do more about it. Liam gulped and finally he just exploded. He filled the hole, and he screamed. He squeezed his penis and he let out every drop of that existed.


Niall turned his head and then looked pleadingly at Liam. 
"I also want to come." 
"No!" screamed direct Harry and went  around. He took himself away from Louis and shook his head. "It's the finale of the evening!"
They heard that Louis came. He filled Zayn and he laid himself completely over the Muslim. He shook and he whimpered. 
"Damn I came!" 
Zayn groaned and gave up caring. 
"But what about me?"


Harry forced down Niall on his back again and penetrated. He moved quickly and everyone knew that he wanted to come. Niall looked beseechingly at him and he really wanted to come. 
"Hazza, please!" 
Harry wasn't listening.




Will be more! 

I know I'm crazy and this is a bit too much ... but damn what fun!

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