Loving the Enemy💕

"Hm. If you asked me 'Would you ever fall for Your Enemy..?' I would answer That complete an utter Nonsense.."

Christina Todd, Aged 16; lived a Normal life. The Popular Girl at School.. She has good grades for someone that spends most of her time with Her Boyfriend, Tim but everything changes once A certain 'Someone' re-enters her life .. Will History repeat itself?


1. Chapter1- Wakey, Wakey.

Christina's POV.

Once The time had turned to 7:30am. The Sound of Pixie Lott's new song 'Nasty' echoed The Empty room and rang in my ears, which gave me a wake up call to get my ass outta bed and Get ready for another day at The Prison.. I-I mean School, Heh...

Oh and by the way; The Names Christina, Christina Todd. It had been How long 2... 3 weeks since I finally turned 16.

Thank God!

Anyway once I hit snooze on My Phone, All I could do was fall back to sleep but-- that wasn't gonna happen..




"Christina!" The Voice I always have to wake up too.

My Mom.. You wouldn't My mom was 32 year old, Long story short. I'm kind of an Accident.. Oh well, She was capable of Taking care of me while My Dad was out looking for a Job.

"Christina! Your gonna be late if you don't get your Ass up!" She yells once more but as a Warning.

"Okay... Okay! I'm up!" I groan, struggling to even sit up never mind get out of this soft ... Warm... Comfy bed. Within 5 minutes of just sitting there, Eyes still closed; I try my attempt of getting out, which sadly results with me Faceplanting the floor Which really hurt-- A mumble escapes the gap between the Floor board and My lips.


~~~~~~~~~ Half an Hour Later ~~~~~~~~~

I had Showered, Put My Fav Batman Vest top on, Waiste-High Shorts and My Old but favourite pair of Black converse. All that was left was too Do my Make-Up.

I don't wear a lot of make-up; Eye-liner, Mascara, a bit of blush and Lip gloss which made my lips tingle and Shiny. Now that was done, I was ready to Go! And today I had to dress to impress well I already impress everyone with my Grades and My Personality. Not to brag or anything but Being the most Popular Girl throughout the School is awesome! I have all the Girls idolising Yours Truly, I can make whatever's not popular be popular So School isn't that bad when you think about it.. But the only problem is the Teachers, all they do is Complain.. And Complain... But it's totally worth it when I get to see My Perfect, Gorgeous and Amazing Boyfriend Tim.

Every Girl wants him but Unfortunate for them, He's so mine! Whenever One of The Popular wanna-be girls tries something with him, all I have to do is walk over give her my best death glare and kiss those sweet lips of his.

Shit! I'm gonna be Late! I run down the stairs and run through the kitchen grabbing a slice of toast before running out of the door...

Hope you guys like the first chapter!:)xoxo

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