Loving the Enemy💕

"Hm. If you asked me 'Would you ever fall for Your Enemy..?' I would answer That complete an utter Nonsense.."

Christina Todd, Aged 16; lived a Normal life. The Popular Girl at School.. She has good grades for someone that spends most of her time with Her Boyfriend, Tim but everything changes once A certain 'Someone' re-enters her life .. Will History repeat itself?


4. Chapter 4: Heart Ache...

Ethan's POV.

2 year ago.

I just sat there on My Phone there, worried, ashamed, disappointed in myself. It had been a Week since me and Christina broke up and Since then I've been avoiding her removing all contact of her; pictures, Facebook, Her Number, Text messages etc..

Then I get a knock on My Bed room door.

"Come in.." I mumbled but loud enough for her to hear.

"Hey Sweetie, Christina's here.. She wanted to see if You and her could talk?" My Mothers tone was soft as she frowns at me when she said Christina's name. I knew that something was wrong.

"I've told you, that I don't wanna--" My Mom interrupted me before I could finish the sentence.

"Would you just talk to her?! That's all I'm asking.." She had raised her voice, It's been a while since she's done that.. To me, my eyes widen and I put my phone beside me.

"Send her in.." I really didn't want to see her but if my Mom was this upset that she had raised her voice at me to agree, then Something was defiantly wrong..

"Thank you.." She said with a upsetting tone in her voice before she stepped aside letting Christina Enter; My eyes meet with hers but they'd changed what once was Sparkling Ocean blue eyes were dull, cloudy, misty blue. Christina looked at me her hair was dull, She had pale skin. What was once the most gorgeous girl in the School had turned into the opposite. I had never seen her in this state. Christina worn a Long cardigan, in the middle of Summer. I noticed that once of her eyes was more darker than the other. I just thought she hadn't slept a lot,

"C-Christina..?" I stuttered worried about the condition she was in.

"Why..?" She looked down, tear built and slipped down her cheeks, I felt guilt and a pain in my chest. Heart ache but the other problem to this situation was I didn't have a good enough reason to answer.. Why..

"Why have you been avoiding me...? Have any of your 'Friends' told you what's been happening in School while you away..?" She shot me a death glare but full of tears.

"W-What?! No, all I've heard from them is that it's been the same as always but they've told me that someone's been constantly abused by Everyone including them, Why..?" I really shouldn't of asked, I felt my guilt get heavier and Heavier when I saw her eyes grow then when she wiped her the tears away the dull colouring around her eye finally shown and My eyes widen as I rush towards her caressing her face softly wiping away the foundation reavealing a black eye.

"Who did this?!" Rage grew inside of me, whoever did this was gonna get beaten to a pulp when I find them.

"Like you'd care.. Once you step through those doors tomorrow, you'll be one of them." Her eyes narrowed, she was pissed. Christina pulled away, looking down. What did she mean.. one of them?

Christina wipe away the remaining tears across her cheek and eyes. More Bruises appeared and A Cut or two.. Make it three.. It made me sick to see her like this what happened to her..? I gave her a clueless look but that only made it worse..

Christina's POV.

Once my face was clear from the foundation, Ethan was still clueless.

"Are you Fuckin' kiddin' me?!" I yelled making him jump. Rage boiled within me but it was his fault I was like this. I knew I could never forgive him.

"Me... I'm the person getting beaten ever fuckin' day at school.. By Everyone. Shoved into the lockers, kicked, punched, slapped, cut. I became the new punching bag of the School, all because of you." Ethan looked at me with an expression I couldn't even describe.

"I thought the start of last week was bad enough." I said as tears fell once more.

"I'm sorry.." He really doesn't know. It's been on the News, My Fathers Death, Shot just because he had a happy life.

"I'm not talking about the break up... I'm talking about My Dad. He's dead Ethan! Shot right through his Fuckin' head!" I couldn't take it, I fell onto my knees sobbing into my hands.

"The night me and My mom found out, She tried committing suicide rope around her throat, she knew that she couldn't leave without him. The only reason she's still alive is that she was feel the guilt that she would be leaving me behind. That was when my worst nightmares became true.. You broke up with me... You broke me into pieces.. I guess that The relationship wasn't going well on your side.. After that Everything changed at school, Rumours went around that I'm the cause of you not being in. Then Your friends and mine joined up and told me that you only went out with me was because you felt bad for me.." I looked at him, He then kneeled down wiping the tears away and wrapping his arms around me but I pushed him away.

"They told me that you just asked me out to find out My weaknesses.. My nightmares... I trusted you and you told them!" I was trembling was I stepped away.

"Once they told me.. I felt a pain in my cheek... Then a pain that was at my eye.. Everything else was blank.. I woke up 4 hours later bruised beaten to a pulp.. Eventually I had to go home.. Mom didn't care she just told me that she had her own problems to fix. I was all alone.. The abuse continued till this very day..

and it's your fault. "

I finally rose heading toward the door, until I felt a hand tightly gripping onto my wrist. Ethan was speechless before he could say anything I moved my hand out of his grasp.

"It's your fault!... I-I-I Hate you..." I whispered,

"I hate you Ethan!" I ran out of the door hearing him yell my name; I didn't look back..

The next day my Mom had gotten to terms that my Dad was never coming back, with the insurance money and the money that we saved up we could leave and restart Our lives once more.

A week later we Moved away to California and Never looked back...

I Hope you like Ethan's and Christina's Back story if you were wondering what happened to the Two in the past. Unfortuantly I might not be able to Publish the Next chapter for a bit. I've ran out of Ideas. But I hope you like this Chapter and I hope it was long enough for you, please commet Ideas on How to make the Story better and what Future event Ethan and Christina may in counter.

Love Ya!



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