Loving the Enemy💕

"Hm. If you asked me 'Would you ever fall for Your Enemy..?' I would answer That complete an utter Nonsense.."

Christina Todd, Aged 16; lived a Normal life. The Popular Girl at School.. She has good grades for someone that spends most of her time with Her Boyfriend, Tim but everything changes once A certain 'Someone' re-enters her life .. Will History repeat itself?


3. Chapter 3: Him.. Her..

Ethan's POV.

God... I hate school.. But I only moved here so I could see Her. Nothing more nothing less.. I-I miss her was all, It had been what 2 years since I last saw her. Her Laugh, Her Smile, Her eyes, Her Hair.. Most Gorgeous Girl I've ever since within these 2 years no one has ever beaten her, or replaced her in my mind, Unfortuantly Her Dad died from a Shoot wound when he was after this Murderer.. After that everything went down for the worse; I made a Huge mistake on leaving her to keep my Bad boy Act going.. And when She needed me the most.. I didn't know that her mom tried committing suicide when she heard the news of Her dad's death. After a week Christina and Her Mom moved away which broke me.. Never seeing her again, not being able to tease her in class.. Annoy her... Make her laugh.. And Smile.. That all went away just like her; I heard a loud sound of coughing coming from the teacher which snapped him back into reality.

"Uh-- yeah.. Um.. The Names Ethan Wilson. " I said with a hush tone all I say around the class room was Girls that look like their eyes were about to pop out of their heads, however the only person that caught my eye was The One I've been looking for and Lucky enough an empty seat right next to her.


But Seeing her brought bad memories to life once more in my Mind.

Sorry if It's a Short Chapter and Sorry to keep you guys waiting. Didn't know what to write but The Next chapter I'm gonna try and make it a longer one. Thank you for Reading:D

From HeyItsAbbiX

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