Loving the Enemy💕

"Hm. If you asked me 'Would you ever fall for Your Enemy..?' I would answer That complete an utter Nonsense.."

Christina Todd, Aged 16; lived a Normal life. The Popular Girl at School.. She has good grades for someone that spends most of her time with Her Boyfriend, Tim but everything changes once A certain 'Someone' re-enters her life .. Will History repeat itself?


2. Chapter 2 - Prison.. I mean School..

Christina's POV.

Once I arrived at school, I had 5 minutes to spare..

When I began to walk toward my first period I felt someone's arms slip around my waiste and the feeling of their breath pressing against my neck sent shivers down my spine; once my back was pressed against the stranger, Then HE finally spoke.

"Hey Babe," it was Tim, I quickly turned around with a bright smile across her face.

"Hey Gorgeous." I said with a soft tone in my voice, Glad that he was here to keep me company for the first half of the day, before He went to his over classes with His friends on the football team. When he left I was go to My Bestie Rosalyn, I'm really surprised she hasn't been asked out, Rosalyn is gorgeous.

She has Bright red hair and emerald green eyes, Rosalyn and I were like Sisters.. I wish she was so then I wouldn't have to walk to School by myself.

Anyway back to me and Tim,

"How's my Favourite girl doin' today?" He said as He pressed his lips gently onto mine. God his lips are like .. I don't know how to explain but with one word Amazing! Once I slowly pulled my lips away from his, He gave me a His famous Smile that made the other Girl faint,

"I'm great now that your here." Stay calm Chrissy.. (Chrissy's My nickname that everyone calls me.) Oh god he lips are so perf; I stood there with a smile as Tim held me in his arms,

"If we just stand here, We're gonna end up being late for Class and End up with a detention with Mr.F's.." Tim took my hand and dragged me to the Science room, don't worry I don't mind him dragging me; Tim's not into the only Bad boy act or anything.

Once We got to the door the bell had rang; An Hour with Mr. F.. Back story on why we call him that Well, Everyone calls him that because all he does is gives out F's and his Real Surname is Falon .. worst teacher ever..

But the Worst was to come when /He/ walked into the room.

"Class!" Everyone was startled from Mr. F's voice which echoed the room.. He groans and glares at each student including me before returning to his little announcement.

"We have a New Student today that is going to be Joining this class, C'mon Boy O.. Introduce your self.."

Now way it couldn't be! This is bad!.. very bad!...

That's Chapter 2 for you, I hope your enjoying the Story so far. Please comment your thoughts and what I can improve upon the story and what events you would like.

Thank you:3xoxo



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