Short stories from Ivy Grenader's screwed up life. (Different story each chapter.)


1. Ivy

     That darkness, the one that consumes you, takes you over till their is nothing left. Thats being alone. Everyone has felt the darkness once before, their is no escaping it. Even if you have people who care and love you, you still are, in a sense, alone. 

   We all have tried escaping the darkness, thats not possible. That darkness, it owns me, it manifests who I am. I have tried, like everyone else, to escape the darkness. In the end it finds you. 

   Their are people who won't admit the darkness is there, they try to lock it up, it always finds its way out, and finds them. You can run, you can hide, you can escape the sense of reality and live in the madness, even in this state of mind, the darkness stays forever, hiding; waiting. 

  I, Ivy, am the darknesses vessel. I was always alone from the start, no family, no place to call home, just me and the darkness. I was born, then left to die. My parents didn't want me from birth, I guess thats what the darkness wants, someone who has always been alone. 

    I have always wanted someone to care and love me; stand by me till the bitter end. The darkness stands by me, but I just want it gone forever. 

  I am 16 years old, I have been through 20 foster parents in my years, maybe more, I can't remember exactly. I just want to know why my real parents didn't want me. Was I not right? No. I'm just not what they expected. 




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