How is it possible

Love is such a myth, being in love makes the world a better place; you seem to be lost in another world. But do all love stories are meant to be, one may ask. Is it possible to fall in love with the wrong person? They say love is blind, but is it so blind that it shuts the truth totally out. All you see is what you desire to see, even if it may have dire consequences. Can you be too cautious in love?


2. Chapter 2

It was another day for Adam and Martin, Martin was driving him to school. Martin got up late and thus Adam was late. They both had to rush, skip the breakfast and zoom to school. So, Martin was driving a little faster than usual. And, then the he hit the brakes, there was a girl in front of their car. Martin was shocked and Adam was jittered. They both were totally in shock. Martin got hold of his senses. He got down to see if the girl was okay. And, she was sitting there on the road holding her leg. Martin was scared, just hoping she is not too hurt. He nervously approached her. “Hi, mam, I am so sorry, are you hurt.?” Martin asked. She lifted her face, and Martin was awestuck, he hasn’t seen anyone so pretty. Her blue eyes, blonde hair, fair as snow, and lips so rosy, he was just staring at her. She was staring back at him, with tears in her eyes. Martin regained his senses. He bent down to see her. “mam, I am sorry, please let me help you.” She said, “ I am fine, I wished you had more careful driving, considering there is a kid in the car, I just hurt my knee, I will be okay.” Her voice was so melodious, is she for real, that was the question echoing in Martin’s mind. He said, “ My apologies, please let me take you to the hospital.” She got up, Martin helped her into the car. Adam was still in shock. Martin looked at him, and comforted him that it was all fine, but looked like Adam will miss the school today. And, which kid doesn’t love missing a day of school. The girl smiled at Adam, and Adam liked her. She was so pretty, even a stranger will instantly like her. They reached the nearest hospital, she got checked up, it was nothing serious. Doctor bandaged her knees and gave some painkiller. Martin paid all the expenses. “Shall I drop you till your home, or you want me arrange a cab, Mam, I am again sorry for all the trouble caused to you.” Martin said. “Please, call me, Genevieve, I will take a cab, I am fine, thanks for help. You have a beautiful son, he looks adorable.” She looked at Adam. Adam came to her, and said, “I am sorry, I was getting late for school, and that is why we were driving very fast, sorry we hurt you.” The innocence in his voice was heart melting. Genevieve smiled and kissed him and waved them bye and got into a cab. What an unusual name, Genevieve, Martin saw her getting a cab, and how nicely she spoke to Adam. Will he see her ever again, he was asking himself. Well, now he wished he hadn’t wished to see her again, or to meet her ever again. How devious was her smile and all that melodious voice was the malicious thing which will affect his life. But, he already met her, and Adam also, all that is to see was how he will protect Adam and himself from Genevieve Deveraux. How will Martin O'Connell Mikaelson protect from the Deveraux girl.

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