Hi I'm Diana Eliot
I'm 18 years old
I'm a YouTuber, dancer, singer and actress
I also work at the Yogscast it's a group of YouTuber that do gaming videos. And at a zoo where I'm a dolphin trainer.
I have a boyfriend called Michael Clifford you might have heard of him from a band called five seconds of summer or 5SOS
My dad hates Michael cause I changed cause of him.


2. The Interview

*Diana's pov*

I wake up with the bright sun in my eyes.

I roll out of bed and look at my self In the mirror.

I fixed my hair and makeup and put a cream dress on for the interview today.

Today I'm gonna be interviewing One Direction at 1pm for the first time and I have soooooo many questions from their fans and my friends.

I walk downstairs to the kitchen and start making breakfast I decide on a bowl of cereal.

I look at the time and see that it's 12:30

I rush to the car while trying to quickly put on a pair of light blue heels.

I get in the car and drive to the studio

*skipping the car ride*

When I get there I walk in only to get pulled in to a changing room.

When I walk in I see four boys sitting on a couch and a curly headed one still getting his hair done.

" boys this is Diana your interviewer for today" a tall man says I gues.

"Hi I'm Niall" a boy with blonde/brunet hair says yo me outstreching his hand for me to shake I take his hand in mine a shake it.

"This is Zayn,Liam and Louis" Niall says pointing to the three boys.

"And i'm Harry" says the curly headed boy that was Just ginished getting his hair done.

"Its nice to meet You" i tell the boys

After we talk for a bit one of the workers at the studio codes over and says that theres a slight change of plans with the interview. Instead its a fun interview cause its gonna be on the yougeneration chanell. We will also have film another video for my chanell.

We walk out of the boys changing room and into the studio were we see six chairs. The sitting order is Niall, Liam, me, Zayn, Harry and Louis.

Then we start the video

"Hello everybody my name is Diana also known as Diana Eliot on YouTube and today I'm joined by One Direction" I say looking into the camera.

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