Revenge of the fallen: Rise of the Scorpion

Inspired by and based on Mortal Kombat !
When The Lin-Kuei clan lead by Sub-zero slaughters the Shirai ryu clan , a man after watching his wife and child murdered gets reincarnated by the sorcerer Quan chi , now he is a Demon ninja warrior seeking revenge against Sub-zero and the Lin-Kuei . ( I do not own any of these characters or anything remotely related to Mortal Kombat all rights go to Ed Boon , Nietherealm studios , and all respective owners!)


4. Where there is Smoke, there is fire!

I have arrived back in earth-realm, and conveniently right in front of the Line-Kuei fortress .............. Let it begin........ As I walk up, these stone steps ,I encountered a ton of their lesser warriors , I defeated them but I did not kill them, there was no need too. "i don't know who you are, but your attack stops here." I heard a voice say . Get down here you coward! I yelled back. He appeared in front of me, I am here. he replied to me. My name is smoke. He told me. I am Scorpion. I told him. As he got into a ready fight position, he told me to remember, Where there is smoke, there is fire! As I thought over Sub-zero, I shouted back . Vengeance will be mine !
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